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June 03, 2019
Committee of the Whole Meeting
D86 Forward: Defining Excellence
Social Emotional Learning: The Integral Element to Educate the Whole Child
The leadership team from the Student Services Department presented on the topic of social emotional learning (SEL) and the efforts to continue to enhance SEL in District 86. The team outlined that current freshman SEL curriculum will continue and SEL curriculum will expand to health, junior and senior PE courses. Through the curriculum alignment work, all other departments will be infusing SEL skills throughout their units of instruction in the 2019-20 school year.

Recognizing 2018-19 Retirees
The Board of Education honored this year’s retirees and congratulated all of them on their years of service. Certified staff retirees are Thomas Dorrance with 32 years of service from Central, David Fetty from South with 31 years of service, and Ed Formanski from Central with 26 years of service. Support staff retirees are Margo Kincaid from Central with 32 years of service, Barbara Manuzak from Central with 22 years of service, and Tom Rocco from South with 21 years of service.

Good News
Principal Walsh from Hinsdale Central and Principal Pokorny from Hinsdale South and shared recent good news from their respective schools.

Consent Agenda
The Board voted to approve the consent agenda as presented. The consent agenda includes personnel, stipends, board bills, and meeting minutes. Click on the link to access the meeting agenda and then scroll down to see Consent Agenda items beginning under number 6.

Accept Sprint 1Million Grant
The Board voted to accept a Sprint 1Million Project Foundation Grant, which provides wireless hotspots for students in grades 9-12 who do not have internet access at home.
Approve Memorandum of Amendment
The Board voted to approve a memorandum of agreement (MOA) proposed by the negotiation teams for the Board and the Hinsdale High School Teachers’ Association (HHSTA) to modify the 2016-2020 Negotiated Contract. The MOA reflects the decision to schedule “Flexible Learning Days” and “Remote Learning Days” in lieu of conventional student attendance days and/or emergency days and to allow for security protocol training known as ALICE within the school year.

Amend 2019-20 Calendar
The Board voted to amend the 2019-20 school year calendar to accommodate a few minor changes, such as including a day for staff ALICE training and moving curriculum night from August 22 to August 29 to avoid a conflict with a BOE meeting.

Approve Policy 4:40 Bond Issue Obligations on Second Read
The Board voted to approve Policy 4:40 Bond Issue Obligations that was presented for First Read at the May 20 Regular Action Meeting.

Board President’s Report
Board President Nancy Pollak shared with the Board that she, Secretary Hirsman and Member Hanson attended the focus group presentation that explained the progress of the Science Program Committee in aligning the science sequence and curriculum across District 86. The Science Program Committee is made up of science teachers and Department Chairs and is led by Dr. Baker.

President Pollak congratulated the Class of 2019, noting that Board members attended the graduation ceremonies and both schools managed to escape this season’s ever-present rain to enjoy ceremonies outside. President Pollak also shared that she, Vice President Camden, Secretary Hirmsan and Member Hanson attended an exit ceremony for two young adults exiting transition services at the Transition Center, and she reported that the sense of care and concern was evident, and the ceremonies are very powerful, special moments for these young adults as they leave District 86.

Finally, President Pollak said she had received the questionnaires from B&G and Administration and plans to share the input with the full Board by the June 17 meeting.

Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Prentiss reported to the Board that she held prep period meetings at both schools in recent weeks. The focus of the meetings was to talk about District financials, answer questions and to explain how the Superintendent’s Office will support all the work going on in the District. Based on some of the feedback received, Superintendent Prentiss said a meeting with support staff will be held in the near future.

2020 IASB Membership
The Board reviewed the annual dues invoice and Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) Membership information. The Board will vote on 2020 IASB Membership at the June 17 Regular Action Meeting. 

Approve Agreement Regarding the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
The Board will consider approving an agreement for DuPage West Cook to continue to house the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) program at Hinsdale South. This item will come back for a vote at the June 17 Regular Action Meeting.

DuPage West Cook Agreement Amendments
District 86 is represented on the DuPage West Cook Board, and that body has approved changes to the language and structure of their agreement with the District. The proposed changes and marked agreement are detailed in the attached packet. Each member district's Board of Education must consider adopting a resolution to approve the proposed amendments. This item will come back for a vote at the June 17 meeting.

Fiscal Year 2020 Tentative Budget Presentation
As it does every year in June, Administration presented to the Board for discussion a tentative budget for the following fiscal year. Chief Financial Officer Josh Stephenson pointed out that Goal 5 of the strategic plan addresses the allocation of resources. Mr. Stephenson said that it made the most sense operationally to have the curriculum alignment work drive any changes in allocation and for the budget to follow. He also noted that the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will require different processes in future budget reporting and those requirements will be incorporated according to the mandated timelines. The item will come back for a vote at the June 17 meeting.

Bid 19-021 Copier Paper
The Board reviewed Administration’s recommendation to award Bid 19-021 Copier Paper to Veritiv Operating Company in the amount of $47,706.35 for one year. The item will come back for a vote at the June 17 meeting.

Designation of Interest Earnings
The Board reviewed a resolution that will allow the Board to transfer interest earnings at a later date. The Illinois State Board of Education specifies that, unless a statute or school board resolution provides otherwise, interest earnings on school district funds shall be added to and become part of principal as of June 30 of each fiscal year. The item will come back for a vote at the June 17 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:19 p.m.
Future Board Meetings
Monday, June 17, 2019 at 6 p.m.
Regular Action Meeting
The Transition Center

Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 6 p.m.*
Regular Action Meeting
Hinsdale Central High School Cafeteria

*NOTE: Beginning July 2019, Board meetings move from Mondays to Thursdays. You can find the 2019-20 Board meeting schedule here: https://d86.hinsdale86.org/Page/1573.