Volume 26, No. 7 | Wednesday, February 22, 2023

News from the February 21, 2023 meeting

Values, Strengths, Opportunities & Next Steps

Superintendent Dr. Jason Pearson has spent his first seven months in District 28 getting to know the community, parents, staff and students. On Tuesday, he reported on his findings and his vision for next steps in an Entry Plan Report.


“I wanted to have the opportunity to talk with people and listen to what they were saying about what they liked and enjoyed about the district as well as areas they felt like we could focus our attention on and provide improvement,” Dr. Pearson said.


Throughout the past seven months, Dr. Pearson visited 58 classrooms where teachers shared a lesson or unique learning experience. He met with more than 100 staff members at informal coffees to discuss values, strengths, and opportunities for growth. He visited with parents during 12 different events, meetings or concerts and held eight focus groups with students in grades 4 through 8 and GBN freshmen and sophomore students.


Dr. Pearson’s Entry Plan Report is organized into five categories: Culture of Learning, Belonging, High-Quality Staff, Fiscal Responsibility and Communication. He provided details in each category on the current context, values and strengths, areas of opportunity and next steps.

The steps outlined in the report provide a road map for the next seven months. Community, staff and student engagement will help shape a long-range facilities master plan and a 3-year to 5-year strategic plan. Read the full report.

Buildings & Grounds

Long Range Facilities Study Begins

DLA Architects has been hired to develop a Long Range Facilities Master Plan with architectural and engineering services for the district’s four schools.

The process will include:

  • A workshop at each school with community members, school board and staff members;
  • Architectural surveys of existing facilities;
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing survey;
  • Roof evaluation and analysis of all buildings;
  • Safety and security assessment;
  • Capacity studies of all schools including room utilization, programs and services;
  • Demographic study to forecast student enrollment;
  • Short-term and long-term priorities;
  • Project cost estimates for recommended improvements and maintenance items;
  • High-level bubble diagrams and preliminary cost estimates for possible remodeling or additions at Meadowbrook.


DLA Architects will utilize various engineers, a demographer and a school safety and security specialist to provide their expertise. Work will begin in March with building workshops planned to begin after Spring Break. A final report is expected in December.

District Happenings

INSIGHT 28 Podcast

Episode 4: Real Science at NBJH Fair

If you think school science fairs are little more than exploding volcanoes, listen in as students talk about their projects and how they implemented the scientific method of research. NBJH Science teacher Amber Paull shares what goes into these semester-long projects where Gold Award winners advance to the Illinois Junior Academy of Science regional competition on March 4th.

Download now or look for it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Amazon Music.

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Livestream/Archive Video

The Board of Education meetings are live-streamed on the District 28's YouTube Channel. The live streams are also archived for later viewing.

Next Meeting is on March 14th

The Board of Education is holding in-person meetings at Northbrook Junior High in the library. The meetings are also live-streamed on the District 28 YouTube channel. The next regular meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for 7 p.m. on March 14th.

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