Excerpts from the Regular Meeting of the Cypress School District 
Board of Trustees held on July 12, 2018
Playworks Coaching Services at King
The Board approved an agreement with Playworks Education to continue recess coaching at King. Through this program,  students build valuable social and emotional skills including sportsmanlike behaviors and appropriate ways to handle disappointment and conflict. The cost for the 2018/19 school year is $35,405 and will be paid from the school's Title I funds.

Transportation Agreement With Boys & Girls Club of Cypress  
The Board approved a one-year extension of an agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress to transport students from various schools within the district to the Club. Fees charged to the Club cover driver and bus costs. 

Revised 2018/19 Academic Calendars
Revised 2018/19 academic calendars were approved, moving a staff development day from September 10 to September 17 to avoid a conflict with the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah.

Teacher Professional Development
An agreement with Benchmark Education Company was approved to provide teacher professional development related to implementation of the district's newly adopted English language arts/English language development curriculum, Benchmark Advance, at a cost of $62,300.

An agreement with Thinking Maps was also approved for additional teacher professional development related to integration of Benchmark Advance with Thinking Maps and Write From the Beginning at a cost of $16,200.

Lease-Purchase Agreement for Musical Instruments
In preparation for the district's new after-school band program, the Board approved a lease-purchase agreement for musical instruments. The total cost of $108,928.89 will be paid over three years.  

Transportation Services for Cypress Community Festival
An agreement with the Cypress Community Festival Association was approved for the district to provide shuttle service between the festival grounds and local parking areas. The Festival Association will pay $400 for the day to offset costs.

Breakfast and Lunch Service for Del Sol School
The Board approved an Interagency Agreement with Del Sol School allowing the Child Nutrition Services department to provide breakfast and lunch service under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program for the 2018/19 school year.

Student Breakfast and Lunch Price Increase
Federal regulations require school districts to analyze their breakfast and lunch prices annually to ensure that Federal funds intended for free and reduced price lunches are not subsidizing paid student meals. As a result, the district's breakfast and lunch prices will be increased by 10¢ for the 2018/19 school year. The breakfast price will increase from $1.25 to $1.35, and lunch will increase from $2.85 to $2.95.
District Keynote Address
An agreement with Adams Educational Consulting was approved for a keynote address for the annual back-to-school staff event on August 6, 2018. The presentation, entitled FULLY CHARGED – The Neuroscience of Student Success, focuses on brain research as it relates to development of the young brain, learning, and school success. The total cost is $2,800, of which $1,200 will be paid from a SchoolsFirst Federal Union grant.

Board Compensation for Missed Meeting
Per Board Bylaw 9250, the Board must take action to authorize full compensation for any Board Member who was absent from a meeting. Trustee Lydia Sondhi was unable to attend the June 21, 2018, Board Meeting due to hardship. The Board adopted Resolution 189-01 authorizing full compensation for Trustee Sondhi for the month of June 2018.

Updated Board Policies and Administrative Regulations
The following updated Board Policies and Administrative Regulations were adopted by the Board:

BP 0410 - Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities
BP/AR 3514 - Environmental Safety
BP 3514.1 - Hazardous Substances
BP/AR 3516 - Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan
AR 3541 - Transportation Routes and Services
BP/AR 4158/4258/4358 - Employee Security
BP/AR 5111 - Admission
BP/AR 5111.1 - District Residency
BP/AR 5125 - Student Records
AR 5125.1 - Release of Directory Information
BP 5131.2 - Bullying
BP/AR 5145.3 - Nondiscrimination/Harassment
BP 5145.9 - Hate-Motivated Behavior
BP/AR 5145.13 - Response to Immigration Enforcement
BP 6161.3 - Toxic Art Supplies 

All district Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Board Bylaws are available online.

Public Hearing: Student Records from Social Media
The Board of Trustees held a public hearing to provide an opportunity for public comment regarding Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5125 dealing with student records and the district's ability to gather information from students' social media as it pertains directly to school or student safety.

Williams Legislation Uniform Complaints
The Board received a report indicating the district received no complaints regarding deficiencies related to instructional materials, emergency or urgent facilities conditions that might pose a threat to the health or safety of students or staff, or teacher vacancy or misassignment during the fourth quarter of the 2017/18 school year.
Additional information from the Board Meeting is available  here .
Regular Meeting: August 16, 2018 - 7:00 p.m. Open Session
Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Donna McDougall - Brian Nakamura - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D. 

Anne Silavs