Excerpts from the Regular Meeting of the Cypress School District 
Board of Trustees held on June 11, 2018
Landell Principal Assignment The Board approved the appointment of Mrs. Kim Benaraw as the new principal at Landell School. 
Annual Agreement Renewals : A number of routine agreements for services to support district programs and other business were renewed. Details regarding these agreements can be found here.
Student Teachers/Interns : The district routinely partners with institutions of higher education to provide fieldwork experience for their students. An agreement with California State University, Los Angeles, was approved to provide unpaid fieldwork experience for their teacher, counselor, administrator, and specialist training program students through June 30, 2021.
Board Memberships for 2018/19 :  The Board voted to renew membership in the Orange County School Boards Association, an organization providing a forum for local school board members to network, exchange information, and participate in educational opportunities focused on topics pertinent to public education. The annual cost for this membership is $125. Additionally, the Board renewed membership in the California School Boards Association and Education Legal Alliance. These statewide nonprofit organizations bring together school governing boards and administrators to advocate for effective policies that advance the education and well-being of students. The annual membership cost for these two organizations is $9,935.
State Preschool Program The Board adopted Resolution No. 178-19 approving an agreement with the California Department of Education and receipt of $519,356 for continuation of the district’s State Preschool Program for the 2018/19 school year.
Disposal of Obsolete/Damaged Instructional Materials : Instructional materials are inventoried periodically to identify materials that are obsolete and/or damaged beyond repair. Following such an inventory, the Board authorized disposal of English language arts/English language development curriculum materials and library books. The list of titles is available here.
Professional Development The Board ratified an agreement with Thinking Maps for one day of professional development for leadership staff to plan integration of Thinking Maps and Write from the Beginning instructional strategies into the district's new English language arts/English language development curriculum at a cost of $1,800.
Collective Bargaining : Two public hearings were held regarding proposals for 2018/19 negotiations with the California School Employees Association (CSEA), Chapter 325. The CSEA proposal includes the following articles for negotiations: Wages, Hours of Employment, Health and Welfare Benefits, Leaves, and Organizational Security. The district's proposal includes Wages, Hours of Employment, and Leaves. The Board subsequently voted to accept the CSEA proposal and adopt the district's proposal.  

Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators : In order to meet district staffing needs, it is sometimes necessary to file for short-term teaching authorizations with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for individuals who are not fully credentialed in the specialty area(s) to which they are assigned. Before filing for such an authorization, a Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators must have been adopted by the Board. The District's 2018/19 Declaration estimates a need for two Limited Assignment Permits in the area of Special Education.
Seamless Summer Feeding Program : The Board ratified a Memorandum of Understanding with the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress to provide meal service for their summer program from June 4, 2018, through August 3, 2018. 
Contract with Gold Star Foods Gold Star Foods was awarded a contract for distribution of processed USDA foods and commercial food products for the district's school nutrition program during the 2018/19 school year at an approximate cost of $300,000.
School Breakfast Program Grant The Board accepted a grant in the amount of $70,605 for expansion of the district's school breakfast program in the 2018/19 school year at Arnold, King, Luther, Morris, and Vessels. Landell was not included in the grant due to the low number of enrolled students who qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program.
Campus Paving Projects The Board approved repaving of the kindergarten play areas at Landell and Luther Schools and the front parking lots at King and Landell Schools. The work will be performed by M.P. South, Inc., utilizing a previously awarded unit price bid master agreement, at a cost of $175,369.95.
GASB 68 Study : Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 68 (GASB 68) requires governmental agencies providing defined benefit pensions to recognize their long-term obligation for pension benefits as a liability. The Board approved an agreement with Total Compensation Systems, Inc. to perform the necessary calculations and prepare the draft disclosures and schedules required for GASB 68 compliance at a cost of $1,200.
2017/18 Budget and Local Control & Accountability Plan : Tim McLellan, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, and Tandy Taylor, Director, Instructional Services, provided a presentation regarding the district's 2018/19 Budget and Local Control & Accountability Plan. ( View PowerPoint
As required by law, two public hearings were held to provide the community with an opportunity to address the Board on the proposed budget and LCAP prior to adoption at a subsequent meeting. There were no comments.
Board Self-Evaluation : The Board of Trustees reviewed the results of their recent self-evaluation using the California School Boards Association survey.
Excerpts from the Regular Meeting of the Cypress School District 
Board of Trustees held on June 21, 2018
Vessels Principal Assignment The Board approved the appointment of Mr. Mark Holman as the new principal at Vessels School. 
2017/18 Budget and Local Control & Accountability Plan : The Board adopted the district's budget and Local Control & Accountability Plan for 2018/19.
2018/19 Consolidated Application : Districts are required to file a Consolidated Application (ConApp) as a condition to receiving state and federal categorical funding. The Board approved submission of the district's 2018/19 ConApp, which represents approximately $400,000 in categorical funding for the upcoming school year.
Additional information from the Board Meeting is available  here .
Regular Meeting: Thursday, July 12, 2018, 10:00 a.m.
Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Donna McDougall - Brian Nakamura - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D. 

Anne Silavs