Excerpts from the Regular Meeting of the Cypress School District 
Board of Trustees held on March 12, 2020
Employee of the Year Recognition
Based on recommendations from the CDC to minimize large group gatherings, the district elected to postpone recognition of its Teacher of the Year, Classified Employee of the Year, and Administrator of the Year nominees and awardees to the May Board Meeting. 

Staff Presentation: Instructional Learning Coaches
Instructional Learning Coaches Diane Cardinas and Bonnie Kim provided an update on teacher support, professional development, and parent education activities this school year.
Revised Classified Job Descriptions and Salary Adjustments
Revised job descriptions and salary range adjustments for the positions of MOT Rover, Bus Driver/Utility Worker, Mechanic, Custodian, and Head Custodian were approved effective April 1, 2020.

Video Production Services
As part of ongoing efforts to provide the community with information regarding the district’s mission, vision, goals, and programs, the Board approved a retainer agreement with School Shine to produce four videos at a total cost of $16,000.  

Research Project and Pilot Study
The Board approved the district’s participation in a research project and pilot study with the Instructional Learning Group. The research project is aimed at improving the algebraic reasoning of students with math learning disabilities or at risk for failure. The pilot study will assess the impact of small-group intervention in American history vocabulary for fifth grade English learners and native English speakers who are performing below grade-level in reading.

Temporary Speech Therapist Services
The Board ratified an agreement with Pacific Coast Speech Services for a temporary speech therapist to cover a district employee’s extended leave through the remainder of the school year at a cost not to exceed $42,920.

Completion of Camp Street Demolition Project
A Notice of Completion was approved for the Camp Street demolition project by M.P. South at a cost of $84,539, with $12,465 to be reimbursed by the previous tenant, Straight Talk Clinic.

Municipal Advisor Consultant Services
The Board approved an agreement with Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates for consultation services related to the district’s facilities financing and planning as well as continuing disclosure requirements associated with debt obligations previously issued by the district. The annual cost for these consultation services is $3,000.

Certificates of Participation
The Board adopted Resolution 190-15 stating its intention to refinance the district’s outstanding Certificates of Participation. Under current interest rates, the district may realize a savings of over $1 million by refinancing with lower interest rates. All associated fees, including consultant fees, will be paid through bond issuances.

2019/20 Second Interim Financial Report
School districts are required by the state to submit two interim financial reports each fiscal year and certify if the district will (positive certification), will not (negative certification), or might (qualified certification) meet its financial obligations for the current and two succeeding fiscal years. The Board approved filing a positive certification for the district’s 2019/20 Second Interim Financial Report.

Board Compensation for Missed Meeting
Per Board Bylaw 9250, the Board must take action to authorize full compensation for any Board Member who was absent from a meeting. Resolution 190-14 was adopted authorizing full compensation for the month of February for Trustee Brian Nakamura, who was unable to attend the February 13, 2020, Special and Regular Board Meetings.
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Regular Meeting: April 9, 2020 - Open Session 7:00 p.m.
Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Brian Nakamura - Bonnie Peat - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D. 
Anne Silavs