Excerpts from the Regular Meeting of the Cypress School District 

Board of Trustees held on March 9, 2023


Employee of the Year Recognitions

Certificated and Classified Employee of the Year nominees and winners were introduced.

Teacher of the Year - Nominees for 2022/23 Teacher of the Year were:

  • Christina Weber, Fifth Grade Teacher, Arnold
  • Tina Takamoto, Third Grade Teacher, King
  • Sean Kennedy, Third Grade Teacher, Landell
  • Adam Keuhn, Fourth Grade Teacher, Luther
  • Audrey Jeans, Sixth Grade Teacher, Morris
  • Sarah Rojas, Fifth Grade Teacher, Vessels

From the nominees, the Association of Cypress Teachers membership selected Sarah Rojas as the district's Teacher of the Year.

Classified Employee of the Year - Nominees for 2022/23 Classified Employee of the Year were:

  • Mercedes Cole, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Educational Services
  • Paula Crego, Administrative Specialist, Human Resources
  • Dena Crone, Department Secretary, Educational Services

From the nominees, Paula Crego was selected as the district's Classified Employee of the Year.


Consent Agenda

The Board approved a number of routine consent items, including gifts and grants to the district, Human Resources transactions, purchase orders and checks, and agreement renewals. Details regarding these items can be found in the Board meeting agenda.  

2023/24 Academic Calendars

The Board adopted the traditional and year-round academic calendars for the 2023/24 school year.

Elimination of Vacant Classified Positions

The Board adopted a resolution to eliminate 18 vacant classified part-time Paraeducator-Behavior positions because they are no longer needed. 

Playground Equipment and Surfacing Replacement at Arnold and Morris

The district was authorized to contract with Dave Bang Associates for replacement of playground equipment and installation of rubber surfacing for the kindergarten playground at Arnold and installation of rubber surfacing for the main playground at Morris at a total cost of $294,387.68.

Transportation Services Plan

The Board approved the district’s Transportation Services Plan for 2022/23 and 2023/24 which describes the transportation services offered to students and how services are prioritized. 

Child Nutrition Services Program Assessment

To assist the Child Nutrition Services department in meeting the requirements for state Kitchen Infrastructure and Training funding, the district will contract with Brigaid to perform an in-person assessment of the school nutrition program and kitchen operations to provide recommendations on equipment needs, ergonomic efficiency, and implementation of scratch cooking at a cost of $7,900.

2022/23 Second Interim Financial Report

School districts are required by the state to submit two interim financial reports each fiscal year and certify if the district will (positive certification), will not (negative certification), or might (qualified certification) meet its financial obligations for the current and two succeeding fiscal years. The Board approved filing a positive certification for the district’s 2022/23 Second Interim Financial Report.


Additional information from the Board Meeting is available here.


Regular Meeting: April 20, 2023, Open Session 7:00 p.m.


Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Brian Nakamura - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D. - Troy Tanaka 



Anne Silavs