Excerpts from the Regular Meeting of the Cypress School District 
Board of Trustees held on November 8, 2018
Pledge of Allegiance
Cub Scout Pack 295 led the Pledge of Allegiance. Scouts participating were Royce Calder, Kevin Gustafson, Thomas Le, Kyle Mundala, Scott Olsen, Austin Phan, Chase Pyland, Jashan Sahota, Neal Sahota, Jakob Sucatre, and Easa Wasif.

School Presentation:
Frank Vessels Elementary School
Vessels third grade students showcased mini-science experiments that they have been working on each week in class. Students participating were Emma Goodwin, Amanda Lee, Langston Savath, and Holly Winston-Smith.
Staff Presentation: Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
Scott Adams, Director, Student Support Services, and Ellen Murray, Teacher on Special Assignment-Behavior/Inclusion Specialist, provided an update on the district's participation in the California Scale-Up MTSS Statewide Initiative and how it is helping shape MTSS in the Cypress School District. MTSS is a comprehensive framework that aligns academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning in a fully integrated system of support for the benefit of all students. 
University Affiliation Agreement
The district partners with various institutions of higher education to provide fieldwork experience to their students. This month, the Board approved an affiliation agreement with Biola University, School of Education, for student teaching, early childhood practicum experience, speech-language pathology experience, and education specialist internships during the period November 9, 2018, through November 8, 2023.

Super Co-Op
The district participates in the Super Co-Op, a cooperative organization that assists school districts in obtaining food products from the USDA Foods Program at the best possible price. The Board approved renewing membership in the Co-Op for the 2019/20 school year. The annual fee will be approximately $450.

Maintenance/Construction Unit Price Bid Master Agreement
The Board approved renewal of a master agreement with M.P. South, Inc. for maintenance and construction improvement projects throughout the district. Individual projects will be performed on an as-needed basis following Board approval.

Revised Job Description for Instructional Aide/English Language Development
As part of the district's ongoing position classification review process, the job description for Instructional Aide/English Language Development was revised to update current job duties and employment requirements. No change in salary was made as the pay rate for this position is comparable to other school districts. 
Revised Job Description for Teacher on Special Assignment/Instructional Learning Coach          
The job description for Teacher on Special Assignment-Instructional Learning Coach was revised to reflect the current designated supervisor and service duties at multiple school sites. The district currently employs three Teacher on Special Assignment-Instructional Learning Coaches to coach and support school staff regarding instruction.

Biennial GASB 75 Actuarial Valuation Study
The Board ratified an agreement with Total Compensation Systems, Inc., for a biennial GASB 75 actuarial valuation study at a cost of $9,300. Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 75 requires that governmental agencies calculate and report the present liability for future non-pension benefits for employees and retirees.

Purchase of Computer Equipment from CDW-G
As permitted by Public Contract Code, the Board authorized the district to utilize Magnolia School District's Technology Equipment and Peripherals Bid for the purchase of computer equipment from CDW-G during the 2018/19 school year at a not-to-exceed cost of $275,000.

Landell Child Nutrition Services Project
The Board approved an agreement with M.P. South, Inc. for construction of a new Child Nutrition Services building containing food coolers, storage facilities, and staff offices on the Landell campus. The total cost will not exceed $1,164,485. Work is tentatively scheduled to take place between December 8, 2018, and May 10, 2019.

The Board also authorized the use of a previously approved unit price bid master agreement with ICS Services, Inc. for low voltage electrical work (data cabling, fire alarms, etc.) associated with the Landell Child Nutrition Services project. The cost for this work is $24,586.68.

Disposal of District-Owned Personal Property
Ten district vehicles/trailers, all over 30 years old, were declared unusable and obsolete. Because the value of these vehicles is insufficient to defray the cost of arranging a sale, the Board authorized disposal at a local waste facility.

Agreement with Terry Tao for Legal Services
The Board ratified an agreement with attorney Terry Tao for legal services associated with filing a writ against the State Allocation Board, Office of Public School Construction, Department of Finance, and State of California. The district is contesting the state reimbursement it received for the Steve Luther Elementary School modernization project through the School Facilities Program. State law requires an annual adjustment for inflation to the program’s per-pupil funding level for school modernization and new school construction projects approved to receive state matching funds. In 2017, the district received its state match for Luther, but at the 2012 funding level rather than the 2017 level required by statute.

Board Governance Consulting Services
In anticipation of the appointment of new Trustee Bonnie Peat in December, the Board approved an agreement with the California School Boards Association for a "Good Beginnings" governance workshop on March 2, 2019, at a cost of $2,700. The workshop is designed to assist Boards in creating a framework for a new governance team following the hiring of a new superintendent and/or the election of new Board Members.

Annual Organizational Meeting
As required by Education Code, the Board formally selected December 13, 2018, as the date for its annual organizational meeting. At this annual meeting, the Board elects officers and representatives and sets the schedule of meetings for the upcoming calendar year. 
Additional information from the Board Meeting is available  here .
  • Special Meeting - Facilities Master Plan Study Session: Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Regular Meeting: Thursday, December 13, 2018
Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Donna McDougall - Brian Nakamura - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D. 

Anne Silavs