Highlights from the March 9, 2020
Lake Forest High School District 115 Board of Education Meeting
Superintendent’s Report
Principal Chala Holland thanked the APT and all the students and staff who contributed to making this year’s Talent Show a great success. Chala announced that TEDx will be held on March 12 and the event will be live streamed. She noted that in an effort to increase the security of student accounts, students will need to use their IDs to make purchases in the cafeteria and the Grind. Chala reported that the Illinois Science Assessment will be administered March 19 and it is important that 95% of the students complete this state test. Chala stated she was grateful to the Foundation for its support and partnership.

Superintendent Mike Simeck provided a recap of the Community Open House. He encouraged all who were unable to attend or those who wanted to provide additional input to visit the interactive lfhs.org website to view the videos and materials that were presented at the Community Open House. Individuals can fill out input forms on the site. Mike provided an update on the District’s efforts regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) . A Task Force has been formed and emergency plans and E-Learning opportunities are being reviewed and developed. Communications will be ongoing to our students and staff. Mike also stated that the Foundation had recently awarded 20 grants totaling over $250,000 and thanked them for their efforts and support. View video for complete report

Public Participation
Residents addressed the Board on a variety of topics including, concerns about the assessment of the current heating and cooling systems, thermostats, and windows and energy efficiencies at the high school; the lack of updated science labs and facilities and why these have not been priorities; open learning environments and the impact on students. View video for complete report

Security Report
Director of Safety and Security Lane Linder presented an overview of the LFHS Safety and Security program. Lane highlighted recent safety initiatives including a reorganization of entry procedures, an implementation of a confidential reporting tool and improved drills and classroom preparedness. Lane also discussed other areas of focus including the adoption of a formal threat assessment process, the formation of a parent-student safety committee, and a site assessment of West Campus. Lane noted the importance of providing a positive culture and climate at the school. View Written Report   View video for complete report
Education Committee
Tom Nemickas reported that the Committee discussed the assessment processes, college and career readiness, efforts to meet District Milestones, and the importance of allocating resources accordingly. Tom recommended reviewing the committee minutes, once they are published, for a more detailed report about the Committee’s discussion. View video for complete report

Policy Committee
Ted Moorman commented that a number of policies were on the Board’s agenda for approval. Ted highlighted high school credit for non-district experiences and new information about students re-entering the high school.  View video for complete report

Legislative Liaison
John Noble reported that he had followed up with Representative Morgan and Senator Morrrison about the potential upcoming legislation around the mandate process. John attended the ED-RED meeting with guest presenters Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi and State Representative Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz. John will continue to monitor developments on current legislation. View Written Report View video for complete report  
Action Items
Approval of the 2021-2022 School Calendar, Approval of Revised 2020-2021 School Calendar, various Policies, Contracts for Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Communications Officer. View video for complete report

The Board Highlights are not the official minutes of the Board of Education. Minutes, once approved, all board agendas, packets, and videos can be found here.

Upcoming Meeting
Monday, April 13, 2020 - Board of Education Meeting, 7:00pm, LFHS West Campus Board Room.