December 5, 2016
Vol. 2, Issue 35
Dear Lakeside Community,

     The Governing Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December  at 6:30 pm in the Community Center, following Closed Session in the Staff Lounge at 6:00 pm. Departing Board member Maritza Tamayo-Sarver will be honored at the beginning of the meeting.

The following items are on the agenda:

- Board Reorganization - Gratitude to departing Board member Maritza Tamayo-Sarver, Oath of Office for three Board members, Election of Officers, Liaisons to county groups
- Reports
- Consent Agenda
- Board Meeting Calendar
- First Interim Budget
- Future of Middle School Programs

     The agenda for the meeting is available HERE


Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner
 19621 Black Road Los Gatos, CA  (408) 354-2372