Jan. 15, 2019
Jan. 14 Northwest ISD Board Notes
The Northwest Independent School District Board of Trustees met Monday, Jan. 14, during a regularly scheduled meeting. This is a recap of the major actions and reports from the meeting. To see every item that was discussed or voted on, click here .
District of Innovation status approved
Trustees approved Northwest ISD’s District of Innovation plan, which will exempt it from some predefined state requirements, such as yearly school start dates, certification requirements, teacher mentorship requirements and more.

A school district must have a specific plan in place to become a DOI-approved district. To review the plan approved by trustees, visit the district’s DOI website at this link.

2019-20 district calendar discussed
Following last week’s community vote, trustees discussed the three possible 2019-20 district calendar options and the input provided by the community.

Two of the calendar options feature earlier yearly start and end dates, while the third option largely mirrors the current 2018-19 calendar. All calendars feature four nine-week grading periods to provide students with more time for content mastery.

More than 7,500 community members voted in the calendar input poll, with the two options featuring earlier yearly start and end dates receiving the most votes. Based on community feedback, Option A (which features an Aug. 20 start date, May 22 end date and 12 winter-break days for students) was the most popular choice. Option A received about 42 percent of the vote, followed by Option B at about 36 percent and Option C at about 22 percent.

To see the calendar options, visit www.nisdtx.org/calendarvote. Trustees will vote on approval of a 2019-20 calendar at an upcoming board meeting.

Guaranteed maximum price for second phase of Byron Nelson expansion approved
The guaranteed maximum price for the second phase of Byron Nelson High School’s expansion has been approved as roughly $30 million, as submitted by contractor Northstar Builders. This phase features work associated with the classroom building addition and existing high school renovations, which was approved by voters in the 2017 bond package.

Guaranteed maximum prices insulate the district from risk, as the contractor will pay for any cost overruns. The classroom addition and renovations are expected to be completed around August 2020, while the new athletic building is expected to open this October.

Texas Academic Performance Report hearing held
The state of Texas requires school districts to hold hearings regarding the academic progress report provided to each district. Northwest ISD and all its schools passed the state report, with the district earning an “A” accountability rating for the 2017-18 school year.

To see Texas Academic Performance Reports for the district and individual schools, click here.

In other action, the board
  • Recognized volunteers who helped organize the district’s Virtual Angel Tree gifts for students in need.
  • Recognized the district for earning its position on the AP Honor Roll for high-achieving AP exam scores and improvement.
  • Approved a drainage easement request with the city of Fort Worth, which will allow it to expand Willow Springs Road and improve traffic conditions near the school.
Meeting Photos
Students from Hatfield lead the pledge
Students from Hatfield Elementary School led the pledges.
High school representatives pose for the AP District Honor Roll award
Trustees recognized the district for earning a position on the AP District Honor Roll for high-achieving exam scores and improvement.
Volunteers who assisted with the Virtual Angel Tree pose for a group photo
Trustees recognized volunteers who assisted the district in organizing Virtual Angel Tree gifts for students in need.