Volume 09 | May 13, 2019
Highlights for May 13, 2019
Board Notes are from the regular meeting of the Board of Education for School District No.73 (Kamloops-Thompson). Expect your next issue of Board Notes after the May 27, 2019 meeting. Read the full agenda here.
Project-Based Learning
Sa-Hali Secondary's Principal  Rachael Sdoutz , Art teacher  Jenn Cacaci,  and Digi-Pen teacher  Andres Ruberg  presented the positive impact project-based learning (PBL) is having on students from the Sa-Hali family of schools. With support from a Board sponsored Innovation Grant, students and teachers develop engaging multi-grade and multi-disciplinary projects emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. 
SD73 Plans for Growth
Jason Locke and Marvin Kwiatkowski from the City of Kamloops Development, Engineering and Sustainability Department, along with Director  Art McDonald , gave an overview of the KamPlan and future projections for growth for the Board to consider when planning capital projects to address increasing enrolment. The Superintendent noted that City and District staff meet regularly to plan for future school sites. The Board also met with City Council in March to discuss matters relating to capital planning. Read more about KamPlan.
Pride Parade
SD73 will participate in the Kamloops Pride Parade on Aug. 25, 2019. The Board unanimously voted to support staff and students who wish to walk under the SD73 banner in a show of support for diversity and inclusion in the district. More info at   SOGI123.
Board Authority/Authorized Courses

School districts or independent schools develop Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) courses to help meet local community needs while providing choice and flexibility for students. After review by the Education Committee of the Whole, the following courses were approved by the Board:

  • Tech Academy 12B
  • Tech Academy 12C
  • Tech Academy 12D
  • Sport History 12
  • Art Metal and Jewelry 11
  • Teacher Assistant 11/12

Once approved by the   Ministry , the course outlines will be posted to the SD73 website. To learn more about BAA courses please contact your child's school counsellor.
Capital Project Funding Approved
The Board approved the transfer of $1.75 million for the Valleyview Secondary expansion from Restricted Capital and Operating Reserve to Local Capital. They also approved the estimated budget allocation for the next three years.

Kudos from the Chair
Chair Karpuk noted the extraordinary efforts made by staff in the past few weeks to support student learning in the community. For instance, Chair Karpuk opened the   Young Authors’ Conference   a nd thanked more than 200 students, 10 authors and all the staff for their commitment to creativity and storytelling. It gets bigger and better every year! 

The  Empty Bowls Fundraiser  for the Kamloops Food Bank included the works of  Lisa Yamaoka’ s art students at SKSS. Student bowls were displayed on a table at the event and significant dollars were raised to support projects such as the Starfish Backpack Program. Chair Karpuk attended, alongside Arthur Hatton Elementary School Principal, Deb Piggin, who is one of the founding organizers of the program.   Read more

As judges for the  Heritage Fair,  Chair Karpuk and  Trustee Wade  were impressed by the calibre of this year’s projects including one about Alexander Graham Bell by a grade 5 student who has recently immigrated from Egypt. Trustee Wade commented that "...you really understand and appreciate the value of Canadian heritage when you see it through the eyes of a new young Canadian."

The recently completed review of  School Learning Plans  by the Board of Education and senior staff for each and every school highlighted the importance of teacher professional development in supporting the needs of students.   Read more.
 The  District Track and Field  events were held last week with the support of dozens of teachers who took the time to ensure young athletes were trained leading up to the district finals. From left to right are grade 7 Lloyd George Elementary students Gabriela Sirianni, Lucy Marchese, Caitlin Lloyd and Erika Spencer. These girls placed first in the 4x100 race in Bantam.
A Sun Peaks Elementary School Steering Committee will be formed with partners from the Board of Education, the Resort Municipality of SunPeaks and other invited partners to develop a vision for a community school.
Daycare in Schools was the topic of a preliminary meeting with Sharon Gregson, provincial advocate for $10-a-day-childcare. Additional information, including discussions with the Ministry of Education, is required.
Community LINK
SD73 will receive $1,588,211 for the 2019-20 school year for the Community Learning Includes Nutrition (LinK) program. Allocated through application process, the funding provides support programs for vulnerable learners.
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The next regular public Board Meeting
is  Monday, May 27, 2019
5:00 pm at Chase Secondary School,
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