Preparing Women for Leadership and Board Positions
LeadWomen's Board Sourcing Service offers a one-stop solution to boards looking for the right (female) talent to meet their business needs. We work closely with the board during the whole process from understanding what expertise and background they require, to assessing high calibre candidates to successful placements.
The process for board search starts with companies, through their CEOs, Company Secretaries or Nomination Committee Chairs, contacting LeadWomen with their specific requirements. We then work closely with the companies to identify the best candidates to be presented to the Board within a 1-2 week period.

In order to provide boards with the best talent to meet their business needs, LeadWomen maintains and continuously builds on a database of top women leaders. To join the database, candidates must meet eligibility criteria and undergo a screening process. Upon approval, candidates submit their details into an electronic CV and profile designed specifically for Boards. Through the database we are able to match the talent pool with board opportunities.

Reflecting on the process during a recent engagement, Mary Henerietta Lim, Group Executive Director, Manulife Holdings Berhad, says “The whole process for my Board Sourcing was made easy through LeadWomen’s Board Sourcing Service Team which was a smooth process from the start up until we confirm the candidate.”
Ms. Chong Chye Neo was appointed as the Independent Non-Executive Director of Hong Leong Financial Group (HLFG) as of 28 November 2019. Women directorship now comprises of 57% of the HLFG board and is a tremendous step into bringing women into the boardroom.