Monthly Update on the Board of Trustees
Regular Board Meeting: July 11, 2019
Board Self-Evaluation
Pursuant to board policy and procedure (BP/AP 2745), the Board of Trustees conducts a self-evaluation every two years. The Board reviews its strengths and areas for improvement, along with a review of the accreditation standard related to Board functioning. The evaluation process includes development of goals and objectives so that the Board can make appropriate improvements to functions and processes. At the meeting, the Board discussed the results of the survey, revisited their current goals and priorities, and reflected upon goals for the next two-year period for improvement and reinforcement of their work. Some of the themes that came out of the discussion were to review goals more often, be more purposeful in connecting actions to goals, and increasing visibility and engagement within the community.
The Board of Trustees approved the results of the faculty chair elections for the Science & Engineering Division, Mathematics Department, and Counseling Division. Faculty chairs provide leadership for their division and departments, representing faculty interests in administrative processes and decisions. Faculty serving in this position are expected to be thoughtful leaders and advocates, modeling and promoting excellence in teaching, service, and professional development for the benefit of students and the college. They are elected for a three-year term starting July 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2022. Congratulations to:
  • Dr. Steven Fawl, Science & Engineering Division
  • Professor Shawna Bynum, Mathematics Department
  • Professor Angie Moore, Counseling Division
The Board approved employment for three well qualified candidates. Please join us in welcoming them to their new positions at Napa Valley College.

  • Morgan Knight, Instructional Support Specialist, Writing Success Center
  • Ariez Morco, Senior Accountant 
  • Kathy Wright, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/President 

Additionally, the Board approved reassignments for all full-time staff in the child care center in the event they choose not to apply to work with the Napa County Office of Education, which will operate the child care center effective August 1, 2019.
The Board of Trustees approved partnership agreements with:

  • The Workforce Alliance of the North Bay and Careerpoint Napa America’s Job Center Of California Partners: continued collaboration
  • Keenan & Associates: Student and Athletic accident insurance for 2019-2020
At the April 11th board meeting, the Board of Trustees endorsed the reorganization plans presented by the President's Area, Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs. Bob Parker presented the reorganization of the Administrative Services area, which the Board endorsed.
Dr. Kraft provided the Board with an update on the District and Campuses Master Plan (DCMP). It is a long-term (2020-2030) plan intended to provide a comprehensive framework for decisions and set planning and design principles for future property development. The DCMP Coordinating Workgroup includes members of the Cabinet, the Sr. Dean, Research and Planning (RPIE), and the Executive Coordinator to the President, who will work with staff, faculty, and consultants to finalize the plan.
Campus Map
Dr. Kraft provided an update on campus housing, including the survey results from NVC's student and faculty/staff and Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD) staff and teachers, , relationship to the NVC Mission, other colleges working on housing, benefits to the community, and elements of a pre-agreement with a developer. He also shared an overview of a 501(c)3 nonprofit/foundation-owned, tax-exempt funding model, and a timeline for next steps. Key dates include campus forums on August 20 and 22, and a special board meeting on August 22.
campus housing
Many of you likely saw the story in Monday's Napa Valley Register about the North Bay Sports Complex. The backers of the complex are exploring locations in Napa County to build an athletic and recreational park facility. They approached the College's Board of Trustees and recently shared an overview of their plans with the Board’s Real Property Committee. At its June 25 meeting, the Real Property Committee agreed to recommend to the full Board to cooperate with the North Bay Sports Complex and allow them access to district property in order to conduct a feasibility study. At Thursday's board meeting, the Board of Trustees unanimously agreed to provide access to the group, which means they will visit the campus to learn more about the District's property in order to determine if a project of this scope could be feasible. There is no commitment from either party to move forward.
sports complex
The Napa Valley College District is in the process of updating and revising its Board Policy Manual with the assistance of the Community College of California (CCLC) Policy and Procedure Service.

The Board adopted the following policies:
BP 2100 Board Elections
BP 3560 Alcoholic Beverages
BP 4021 Program Evaluation
BP 7120 Recruitment and Hiring
BP 7130 Compensation
Valerie Mull (Union of Classified Professionals)
Valerie shared an update on classified staff who were affected by the change in operations at NVC's childcare center (subcontract with Napa County Office of Education). All
full-time staff were offered opportunities for reassignment at the College if they chose not to apply to work with NCOE. 

Dr. Ron Kraft, Superintendent/President
Dr. Kraft thanked everyone who participated in the 4th of July parade, with special recognition for Oscar De Haro, who was the grand marshal for the parade. He also provided an update on the NVC childcare center, the California State Budget, and state legislation related to community colleges.
Next Board of Trustees Meeting: 8/8/19