Monthly Update on the Board of Trustees
Regular Board Meeting: May 9, 2019
Special Presentations
Ann Volz and Aejin (AJ) Yoon from The Scion Group presented updated information on their recent feasibility study on campus housing. They explained how a public/private partnership works and shared information about next steps. They responded to a number of questions about affordability, debt service ratio, additional costs anticipated with a 24/7 campus, controls, timing, etc.
Housing Feasibility
Associated Students of Napa Valley College
Huzaifa Kamran Khawaja
The Board of Trustees recognized student member Huzaifa Kamran Khawaja, who served as student trustee from May 2018 to May 2019, with a resolution. Mr. Khawaja thanked the ASNVC board members and Student Life Coordinator Ben Quesada as well as his colleagues on the Board of Trustees for the invaluable experience, and Dr. Kraft for actively listening to concerns of students.
Pablo Leon
Kyle Iverson, president of the Board of Trustees, officiated the swearing in of Pablo Leon, new student trustee representing ASNVC. Ben Quesada acknowledged the outgoing student government officers Rafael Manzo, Hamza Kamran Khawaja, Huzaifa Kamran Khawaja, Pablo Leon (now student trustee) and Christopher Sotello Hernandez (now president of ASNVC) with certificates of appreciation.
In Recognition
Wayne Fortier
Wayne Fortier was recognized with a resolution on the occasion of his retirement. Additionally, he and Rebecca Scott (not present) were awarded Emeritus status, an honorary title recognizing the distinguished and honorable service of retirees.
Storm Athletics
Jerry Dunlap recognized the academic achievements of our student athletes and invited women's soccer player Carolina Cisneros-Cruz (accompanied by her son) to speak. A first-generation student, Carolina has offers from four UC campuses and wants to be a Spanish teacher.
Howard Willis
Howard Willis, Dean, Counseling Services and Student Success, was formally recognized as Administrative Confidential Employee of the Year. Members of the Administrative Senate voted to honor Dean Willis this year. Dean Willis dedicated the award to his father.
Napa Valley College's Honor Society received honors at the annual spring convention in Sacramento as well as the and annual International Convention in Orlando, Florida. Student officers collected the following awards and recognition for their efforts in 2018:

  • ​​5 star chapter status (highest achievable)
  • Award for Community Project (Volunteer Project at The Meadows)
  • Award for Financial Literacy Project (Scholarship workshops on campus)
  • Arteja Smith, president of the chapter, was selected for the Phi Theta Kappa All-CA Academic Team
  • Esperanza Padilla, executive vice president of the chapter, was selected for the Phi Theta Kappa All-CA Academic Team AND was selected for the Coca-Cola Academic Team Silver Scholar
  • Dr. Ron Kraft received the Phi Theta Kappa Shirley B. Gordon Award of Distinction
  • Advisor Cathy Gillis received two Regional Awards for Excellence for Leadership and Scholarship for the Nevada/California Region
The Napa Valley College McPherson Distinguished Teaching Award program award was established through the Napa Valley College Foundation by founding college president Dr. Harry McPherson to recognize excellence in teaching. The recipients of The McPherson Distinguished Teaching Awards for 2018-2019 are Kelly McCann, Professor of Dance and Kinesiology, and Paul Gospodarczyk, Professor of Viticulture and Winery Technology. Congratulations to the recipients, who were recognized at a special reception on May 10.
The Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to acknowledge and honor the faculty, both full-time and adjunct, of the Associate Degree in Nursing Program, the Vocational Nursing Program, the Psychiatric Technician Program, and the EMS Program at Napa Valley College. 
The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) published the Vision for Success: Strengthening the California Community Colleges to Meet California's Needs in July 2017. The Vision for Success identified goals for the California Community College system and outlined a set of strategies to help achieve those goals. In November 2018, the CCCCO informed colleges that they would need to develop local goals aligned with the Vision for Success goals and that the local goals should be incorporated into an existing "comprehensive" or institutional plan (e.g., educational master plan or strategic plan). Colleges are required to submit their goals to the CCCCO by May 31, 2019. Developed and recommended by the Student Success Standards Committee, NVC's local goals 1-4 (Completion, Transfer, Unit Accumulation, and Workforce) have been incorporated into NVC's 2018-2021 Institutional Strategic Plan, and goal 5 (Equity) has been incorporated into NVC's Equity Plan (currently in development). 
Vision for Success
Dr. Wornall presented an update to the 2018-2021 Institutional Strategic Plan, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2017-2018, and outlines five broad goals to guide and structure improvements across the college over the next three years. More specific strategic initiatives associated with the five broad goals have been identified and incorporated into the planning document, along with measurable objectives and deliverables. The strategic initiatives included in the updated document emerged from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, based on unit plan submissions for the current year. The more detailed initiatives, measurable objectives (including baselines reflecting past performance), and deliverables will be used to frame upcoming Annual Progress Reports and monitor improvements. 
Strategic Plan
In 2013, as required by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), NVC established institution-set standards on five student success metrics, including the successful course completion rate, the persistence rate, the number of degree recipients, the number of certificate recipients, and the number of transfers to UC and CSU institutions. The institution-set standards define academic quality and represent a level of performance that the college expects to exceed. NVC reports performance data as well as its established institution-set standards to the ACCJC each year, and includes "stretch goals" for each metric. The Board of Trustees approved both the institution-set standards and stretch goals for the five metrics.
The Napa Valley College District is in the process of updating and revising its Board Policy Manual with the assistance of the Community College of California (CCLC) Policy and Procedure Service.

The Board heard first reading on the following policies:
BP 5035 Withholding of Student Records
BP 5052 Open Enrollment
BP 5130 Financial Aid
BP 6620 Naming Facilities
BP 6750 Parking
BP 7340 Leaves

The Board adopted the following policies:
BP 4100 Graduation Requirements
BP 5410 Associated Student Elections
BP 5420 Associated Students Finance
BP 5570 Student Credit Card Solicitation
Amanda Badgett (Academic Senate) reported that Academic Senate conducted elections of its executive committee and she introduced and welcomed the new executive board. She noted that rotation of leadership is a good and healthy part of any organization and said she was honored to be the voice of faculty for nearly four years. She thanked the members of her current executive committee, VP Erik Shearer, the board of trustees, and others for their collaboration over the years.

Rafael Manzo (Associated Students of Napa Valley) announced that
ASNVC will continue tradition of hosting the reception for graduates and guests after commencement. He noted that this was his final opportunity to address the board as president of ASNVC and noted that he had devoted the last five years to serving this college as a member of ASNVC, the last two as president, and had been able to accomplish a significant amount during that time.

Valerie Mull ( Union of Classified Professionals) recognized the new executive board of the union. She also thanked everyone for a wonderful classified luncheon and read a statement about the Child Development Center and the union's role in sharing misinformation.

Dr. Eileene Tejada (on behalf of Kristie Iwamoto (Faculty Association) read a statement from Kristie, thanking Amanda Badgett and welcoming Dr. Tejada.
Next Board of Trustees Meeting: 6/13/19