The USMS Board of Directors met by conference call this past Monday evening. The discussion was focused on adjustments we need to make to ensure USMS continues to thrive. A wide variety of responses have been considered, ranging from how best to use our financial reserves to changes in our educational programs. Over the next few weeks, our CEO, Dawson Hughes, and I will be sharing some of the agreed-upon actions. Today, I will cover updates regarding the USMS annual meeting and our sanctioned events.

USMS Annual Meeting
As we enter the time of the year when LMSCs typically select their delegates for the USMS annual meeting, it is natural to wonder about plans for this year’s event. As an organization dedicated to the promotion of health and wellness, the well-being of our volunteers is of paramount concern. To that end, the Board, Executive Committee, and professional staff have started to make contingency plans to allow us to conduct the necessary annual meeting business within safety constraints. As plans are solidified, they will be communicated to committees and delegates with ample time for all to make necessary arrangements. In the meantime, LMSCs may continue to follow their normal delegate selection process, but please delay making travel and lodging plans until further updates are distributed.

Events and Sanction Fees
The board approved the recommendation that LMSCs continue to suspend sanctioned events through at least May 31. The need for this recommendation will be revisited every month with the hope of relaxing it once conditions allow. Please continue to follow the guidelines established by local, state, and federal health officials in your area.

To encourage the reintroduction of events when appropriate, the board voted to waive all national sanction fees for the remainder of 2020. In doing so, the board took the rare step of acting for the House of Delegates as permitted by our bylaws. The board believes it should do everything in its power to restore normal USMS operations and may consider similar actions as we confront these unprecedented challenges. As part of this action, the board is recommending that LMSCs remove any of their additional sanction fees.

Thank you for your continued service to our members,

Peter Guadagni
President | U.S. Masters Swimming

This email was sent to all LMSC- and national-level volunteers.