Dear North Iowa School Community, 

I know you join me in hoping that spring arrives very soon! I want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone for your flexibility as we've worked through so many weather-related changes. I also want to recognize our city/county road crews for their hard work in clearing the roads.

Due to the number of days that we have missed, we developed a plan to make up some of the time with the focus on creating the best student learning environment possible .

The Board met today and approved amending the 2018-19 school calendar.

  • Effective Monday, March 11, the school day will begin at 8:10 a.m. There are no changes to the bus schedule. This, plus a change to a 25-minute lunch period for all students (still plenty of time), provides more instructional minutes each day.These changes will be in effect through the end of the school year.    
  • ​In addition, there are four Wednesdays where school will not dismiss early: March 13, April 10, May 8 and May 29. As a reminder, school is in session tomorrow, March 6, with a dismissal time of 2 p.m.     
  • Finally, due to all of the missed days, the end date for the third quarter was pushed back to March 22.

The calendar changes we are making are expected to make up about 32 hours (about 4 days) of student instruction. Also at this time, we have not set the school year end date; however, we will continue to communicate with you over the next several weeks.

The revised calendar is attached for your reference. Thank you so much!

Superintendent Joe Erickson