Board of Directors Statement on Commitment
to Equity and Inclusion
Traumatic events across the U.S. in recent weeks have led to an important national discussion about race in America and systemic inequality. The Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District Board acknowledges the injustices and pain that people of color have endured for centuries, and we pledge to do our part to create greater equity in our community.
We reject racism and discrimination. Every member of our community deserves access to the peace and beauty of nature, to spaces and activities that foster good health, to enrichment programs that spark knowledge and passion, and to limitless opportunities to play and celebrate life. Our parks, open spaces, facilities and programs were created to be welcoming and inclusive experiences for all to enjoy.
We acknowledge, however, that there may be barriers to access and participation for some members of our community. We promise to examine those barriers and actively work to eliminate them.
As an agency and as elected officials who serve this community, we will use this moment as a catalyst to look inward, hear from the community, and examine our policies. Our promise to you is to take the necessary steps and commit to doing the work to ensure equity in everything we do. 

We are honored to serve a diverse community, and embrace the opportunity to provide welcoming and inclusive experiences for all. Your input on how the District and staff can do better is encouraged and we look forward to your feedback.

Jennifer Ortega, Chair
Andrew Pierce, Vice Chair
Zac Shess, Secretary
Bobby Glover, Board Member
Sandra Bonato, Board Member
Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District