Rochester City School District
Media Advisory
May 10, 2021
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Brendan O'Riordan
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Board of Education Approves the
'21 - '22 RCSD Budget
This evening, the Rochester Board of Education appproved the 2021 - 2022 RCSD budget. This budget is $986,100,909 dollars, an increase of $58,513,085 dollars from the 2020–2021 budget of $927,587,824 dollars. 

The 2021-2022 budget was built upon the District’s Strategic Plan, the work incorporated into the 96 recommendations in the District’s Academic and Financial Plans developed by the Independent State Monitor, as well as the Consent Decree and Corrective Action Plans for Special Education and Bilingual Education. Those recommendations form key components in this budget.
Below are major highlights in the 2021 – 2022 budget:
  • It lays the foundation for a shift from constantly focusing on the District’s fiscal stability, to the prioritization to academics and student performance
  • It focuses on the District’s core belief that students are its first priority and will drive each decision that is made
  • The District makes each fiscal and resource allocation decision with equity, transparency, and in the best interests of its students
Budget highlights from the District’s Strategic Plan include:
  • Increasing ELA and math proficiency in grades 3 – 8
  • Addressing chronic absenteeism
  • Redesigning multi-tiered support systems to ensure the components related to social-emotional learning and attendance are addressed
  • Working with Information Management and Technology to create a data dashboard that includes alignment of chronic absenteeism with State reporting
  • Consistent systems and structures for school attendance teams to use when reviewing data on a weekly basis in order to implement tiered intervention
  • Increasing percentage of Students with Disabilities in a Least Restrictive Environment
  • Increasing parent engagement in Special Education
  • Supporting the New York State Next Generation Standards and alignment of curriculum implementation for K – 12
  • Fortifying social-emotional learning and restorative practices
  • Consent Decree compliance
  • NYS Special Education and Bilingual Corrective Action Plans compliance

Budget highlights from the Independent Monitor’s Academic Plan include:
  • Updating Districtwide comprehensive program, materials, textbooks, and assessment tools
  • Establishing program evaluation arm to analyze effectiveness of initiatives
  • Summer school to address learning loss
  • Multi-Tiered Support Systems Initiative
  • Professional development

Budget highlights from the Independent Monitor’s Financial Plan include:
  • Elimination of the Revenue Anticipation Note (RAN)
  • Upgrading the District’s Financial Management System
  • Upgrading the District’s Special Education Management System

Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small said, "This budget is not only balanced and educationally sound, it also continues to address the needs of students in one of the highest-needs districts in the State of New York. District data shows we are continuing on the right trajectory to help more students graduate even during a year complicated by learning in a remote learning environment while also dealing with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This budget continues to fund an increase in academic achievement for students while maintaining fiscal responsibility."

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