July 14, 2022
Board discusses Senate Bill 818
In his Superintendent's Report at the July 12 Barrington 220 Board of Education meeting, Dr. Hunt shared that district leaders are recommending the district does not adopt policy related to SB 818, also known as the “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act”. The Board’s Policy Committee will review this recommendation at its next meeting and the committee’s decision will then be brought to the Board of Education for approval. You can listen to the discussion about SB 818 beginning at 7:46 in the Board meeting video and again beginning at 2:41:39.
5th Grade Human Growth & Development 
At the July 12 Board meeting, the Board discussed the 5th grade Human Growth & Development unit, which has been taught for more than 25 years to Barrington 220 fifth graders. The unit is a mandated unit of study in Illinois School Code and was reviewed in 2013 and 2017 as part of the district’s curriculum review cycle. Click here to listen to the presentation and discussion.
Two grants to enhance opportunities for Sunny Hill students
In his Superintendent's Report at the July 12 Board meeting, Dr. Hunt shared that the district is the recipient of two grants that will enhance opportunities for students at Sunny Hill Elementary School. The first grant, the Phillip Jackson Freedom Schools Grant, is a competitive grant through the Illinois State Board of Education, which will be used to enhance Sunny Hill students' after school and summer enrichment offerings. The total funds allotted equal $350,000 per year, for up to three years.

The Harper Community Innovation Fund Grant was submitted by the Barrington Area Development Council (BADC) on behalf of Sunny Hill students. The grant will fund the “InZone for Sunny Hill” project, which will allow 18 students in grades 4 and 5 to select courses from Harper College's InZone course guide during the summer session. The total funds allotted equals $10,000 for one year.
Former district office up for sale
At the July 12 Board meeting, the Board approved a resolution to initiate the sale of the former district office, located at 310 E. James Street in Barrington. The sale of the 12,413 square foot building will happen through a sealed bid process. The building is located in an area with a mix of houses and businesses. The district moved into the location in the early 1970s, when the school district was officially formed. 
At the end of the 2018-19 school year, Barrington 220 moved into its current location at 515 West Main Street, right across from Barrington High School.
Board meeting schedule change
At the July 12 Board meeting, Board members approved changing the October 4 regularly scheduled Board meeting to Monday, October 3, due to the observance of Yom Kippur beginning the evening of October 4.