Board of Supervisors Approve Solution to
Early Ballot Errors in Seven Municipalities
At a Special Board of Supervisors Meeting on Tuesday afternoon, the Board approved a definitive solution to the errors found on early voting ballots that left city and town contests off of the ballots in seven Pinal County Municipalities:

  • Apache Junction
  • Casa Grande  
  • Eloy
  • Mammoth
  • Maricopa
  • Queen Creek
  • Superior
* Please note that Maricopa County voters in Apache Junction and Queen Creek are not affected. All other cities and towns are not impacted, and voters should continue to vote as normal.

Voters who had requested an early ballot in the above cities and towns will now be sent a Municipal Only ballot, which they will need to complete and return if they wish to vote in their city or town election. Early voters should complete and return their original early voting ballot for Federal, State, Legislative, and County races if they wish to vote in these contests.

Any voter who has already voted or has returned their early voting ballot will also need to complete the municipal ballot in order to vote in city and town contests. Municipal contests on the original ballots in the seven impacted cities and towns will be invalid and will not be counted. Your votes in Federal, State, Legislative, and County contests will be processed as normal.

In addition, there will be in-person voting at polling sites on Election Day for Municipal contests in the seven impacted cities and towns. These will be voted on a separate ballot to Federal, State, Legislative, and County contests.

If you live in Unincorporated Pinal County and see a city or town contest on your ballot, you can complete Federal, State, Legislative and County contests on your ballot and return it as normal. The city/town contests on your ballot will be invalid and not be counted if voted.

This afternoon's meeting is viewable below. Elections Director David Frisk addressed the Board of Supervisors and explained that he took full responsibility, that errors were human in nature, and had nothing to do with the statewide voter registration database, referred to as AVID, or any other equipment. Vice-Chairman Jeff Serdy gave city and town representatives, candidates in city and town contests, and members of the audience the opportunity to address the Board and to ask questions.

Pinal County leadership would again like to take this opportunity to express regret over the situation that has been caused by these errors, and wishes to reassure voters that we will work diligently to ensure the Election runs as smoothly as possible from this point onwards with full integrity and transparency.
View Today's Meeting
Use This Tool to Confirm If You are Impacted
Use this tool to confirm if you have been impacted by errors related to city and town contests for the August 2nd Elections. Click on the map below, then simply enter your address, or select 'Use Current Location' and the information will be presented to you.
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If you have any questions, please contact the Citizen Contact Center at 520-509-3555, or 311 when dialing within Pinal County (Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm), or email [email protected].