Report from the CMS Board of Directors - March 21, 2021
Dear colleague:

Your Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors met today to advance the interests of physicians in Colorado. 

Bryan Campbell, in his CEO report, started the meeting on a positive note with highlights of achievements over the past year: offering live programs for CME and COPIC Points; coordinating PPE orders for practices; getting more than 2,000 physicians and practice staff their COVID-19 vaccination; and advocating for confidentiality in peer assistance services and other top policy priorities. “Behind the scenes” achievements were in maintaining our accredited CME program, engaging medical students, and much more. 

The board discussed two Central Line policy/action proposals submitted by CMS members.  

  • One supplements and strengthens CMS policy on marijuana and the other directs the CMS delegation to the American Medical Association to bring a resolution allowing broader corneal donation given current scientific evidence.  
  • Watch your email for more information on these decisions and give your vote on whether the board “got it right” on these actions.  

The board approved the finance report. 

  • CMS Treasurer Dr. Pevoto presented the Finance Committee report on the CMS financial statements through 1-31-21. To date, both revenues and expenses are performing better than budgeted. 

The board heard a legislative report. Top lines: 

  • Public option: The CMS Board of Directors will hold a special meeting April 1 to determine the society’s position on HB21-1232 that aims to drive down health care costs and, if consumers’ expenses aren’t reduced, potentially create a state-offered health insurance option. The Board’s decision will be based upon CMS policy, member input from an online survey (please complete it now if you haven’t already) and recommendations from the CMS Committee on Value in Health Care and the Council on Legislation. Check out our two-page white paper on the bill. 
  • Scope of practice: CMS strongly opposed HB21-1184 that would have enabled independent physician assistant practice after three years of experience. The bill was killed in committee earlier this week – a victory for our patients and health care safety! 
  • Peer assistance services: This continues to be a big issue, with ongoing policy development work by the Colorado Medical Board. CMS members have done a great job expressing the importance of ensuring confidentiality in order to ensure they can get the care they need. 

The board approved an agreement to unify membership in Colorado Medical Society and all CMS component medical societies, ensuring the strength of all organizations. The agreement was the result of years of discussion and, ultimately, a mediated process. 

The board heard a report on membership trends. The needs of our membership have changed and the decision for membership has shifted from the individual to administrators – increasingly outside of the state. CMS has set a goal to attain 10,000 members by 2025 and encourage all CMS members to promote membership to non-member colleagues. 

The board approved a recommendation from the CMS Nominating Committee to approve the slate of nominees for the 2021 CMS Election. Members will vote in August.

Board members gave reports from their districts, reflecting the depth and breadth of work happening around the state on behalf of Colorado physicians and patients. 

And finally, the board heard from Leto Quarles, MD, Boulder County Medical Society representative, on the recent mass shooting tragedy and its impact on the Boulder community and its physicians.  

Thank you to all members of the CMS Board of Directors, CMS staff, and physician members of the Colorado Medical Society. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or our Membership team at

Sami Diab, MD
President, Colorado Medical Society