This is a SPECIAL ADDITION - not a regular, BobBlast. More of a Pep Talk!
With the news changing hourly, I know it is hard for me to decide what to do - I am being pushed and pulled in all directions. And when I actually get into my studio, I don't know what to do, or how to even start!

On those days, when I feel like I just can't paint - I make a conscious decision to go to my studio. I am not going to promise myself that I will paint. I will do "other studio" things... like journal, look at my journals and sketchbooks, look at art books, clean up - yes, you guessed it - anything other than paint. And that is OKAY!

During these down times, my favorite books include:
•Art & Fear
•Creative Authenticity
•The Artist's Way
To laugh, I include Robin Williams' ANYTHING
•And… David Sedaris - my favorite is "Me Talk Pretty Some Day"

I also look at Art Manufacturers' catalogs and make a Wish List!

Going into your studio is not just about painting and creating. It can also be about maintaining. Do what serves you for the best you can be! IT IS ALL OKAY!

Art will heal the Planet!

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Love, Peace & Happiness,
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