Bob's PepTalk Number Eight
Goof-Proof Commissions

It's Time for Another PepTalk!

This month’s PepTalk features another art marketing subject:
Goof-Proof Commissions! Here is a surefire way to paint a successful commission!

Being open to and accepting a commission is yet another way to increase your potential earning power as an artist. I enjoy painting commissions… provided the client completes my questionnaire before I start. I call this a “Goof-Proof Commission.”

You may have heard this at some point during your painting career:
•Do you have this painting in a smaller size?
•Do you have this in red? Eye roll…

And I know you’ve heard this one… “The next time you do another one like this, I might buy it.” Run away fast! These requests are not commissions! These requests are failure-prone for us artists.

Here are a couple of points to remember about painting a goof-proof commission:

Rule #1 - Communicate only with the person requesting the commission (no mothers-in-law, neighbors, kids) - This is not a team effort.

Rule #2 - That person completes my questionnaire. If a couple is requesting the commission, give them ONE form to complete. This questionnaire will solve potential problems in communication during your painting time. After all the information is written down, the last piece of business is to accept 50% deposit before starting, with the balance due upon delivery. 

Rule #3 - Very important - Deliver the finished painting to only the people who completed the questionnaire. Again, this is not a committee presentation! This business-like approach communicates to your client that you are a professional - and they will appreciate your confidence and skills in handling their request! It’s goof-proof.

Art will heal the Planet!
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