It's Time for Another PepTalk!

Studio Goals
Happy New Year!

Yes, it has been a strange year, but there is something wonderful about starting a new year… hitting the re-start button.

It is easy… so easy to not do ANYTHING... but I started to think (after looking at postings on FaceBook) "What does it take to clean my studio?"

That simple thought... the thought of "why not?" got me into a frame of mind to set even more goals! Cleaning the studio is #1.

Then we have:
#2 - Organize the studio and paintings
#3 - Go through my paint and other art supplies - helps to know where everything is!
#4 - Select new painting themes for the new year.
#5 - Gesso over old painting (get them ready!)
#6 - Career goals… solo show? new gallery? Dream a little here.
#7 - Promote your work - Start with social media!

Remember this - You get better when you change!

Be proud of what you've done… so far!

Art will heal the Planet!

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Love, Peace & Happiness,
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