Mounting Paper on Wooden Panels.

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Here's an often-asked question - How do I mount a watercolor paper painting onto a wooden cradle panel?

I have demoed this technique several times before, so here's a quick guide and highlights! For a fuller, detailed photo explanation, click here.

The watercolor paper starts off a little smaller than the wooden panel - I tear the paper a quarter-inch smaller than the panel dimensions. The effect here is to "float" the paper on top of a black background panel. I buy Cheap Joe's Really Good Wood Panels.

Before mounting the paper, I paint the wood panel sides and an inch on the top - all the way around - with black or dark charcoal paint. After drying, mount the paper on the wood panel with a gel medium "glue." 

... And that's it! Paint the sides and top first - then mount the paper.

Hope this helps!

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"Mounting Paper on Wooden Panels" 

Mounting Paper on a Wooden Panel

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