"Best of BobBlast - Practicing the Twelve Design Compositions"

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This BobBlast is about practicing each design composition I use as a back-bone structure in my paintings. I have always thought if you paint a weak structure, the painting falls apart and tumbles down.

In this demonstration, I start with twelve squares of watercolor paper, black tissue paper, plus gel medium as my adhesive. They are not meant to be finished pieces at this point. They are reminders of the structure, using pure graphic design to suggest the actual composition.

I keep these twelve composition samples in my studio as a  reminder and to keep me on track and focused to use ONLY ONE composition throughout my painting time. This "practice" affords me plenty of fun, creative time under the "guidance" of a strong back-bone structure.

As a reminder - when I start a painting I concentrate on what I refer to as the Five  Cs - Composition is just one part of the whole!
5 Cs:
1 - Content (Intention, Big Idea)
2 - Composition
3 - Color Combination
4 -  Commitment
5 - Continuing the Series

Now... let's get your hands sticky!

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"Best of BobBlast - Practicing the Twelve Design Compositions"

Practicing Twelve Compositions

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