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What Size Brush Do You Use?

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Show someone your favorite photographs and you might often hear, "What camera did you use?" Their thinking is - if they buy that same camera, they too, will capture images like you.

The same is true with painting. Show someone your painting and you will often be asked, "What brush did you use?" You know where I'm going with this... It's neither the camera nor the brush - but the soul, heart and voice of the artist, telling their own story.

I hear this question so often, I almost cringe. And, as a teacher, I truly want to help and I can only show what I use in the process and stages of the painting... and why. (Full disclosure - I also paint with paper towels and my fingers.)

In this BobBlast, I hope to answer that familiar question and show the brushes I use most often in my studio. 

I have different brushes for different uses. Starting with a brush just for applying gesso, I also have the following brushes - One for drawing with paint, another for general painting and one for varnishing.

Specifically, here is the breakdown for each of my brushes:
To apply thick primer gesso, I use a two-inch wide flat gesso brush, used for priming surfaces. The extra thick bristles are extra strong for moving around the heavy mixtures of paint.

For paint sketching and drawing, I may reach for a half-inch wide Filbert shaped brush to draw the organic flowing shapes before painting.

Next, I paint with a "squared-off" Flat brush, or the short-hair version - the Bright brush. With both shapes, I can paint bold, large shapes and thin lines. When I make checkerboard patterns, I use a Bright brush.

The Jumbo Chungking Bristle brush is good for larger, free style techniques. This brush holds up well during rigorous and enthusiastic painting.

The final brush is a Wash Brush - for applying varnish. It is very soft and will not leave streaks.

The brush "number" means very little to me, as a #10 is not the same throughout the art materials industry. I find and choose my brushes at my local art supply store or at the national Trade Shows. For specifics, most art catalogs do a good job explaining the differences.

Watch the video to see my brush layout AND how I make my brushes more comfortable for a long painting day!

Special Advice from Bob - Always grab a bigger brush than the one you think you want!

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"What Size Brush Do You Use?"

What Size Brush

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