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It's another Best of BobBlast - Studio Tips!

This week's BobBlast features two previously aired video lessons:
"Why Cover Your Painting Table with Plastic Sheeting"
  (BobBlast #62 - originally aired 9/6/15)

"Using a Mat to Look at your Paintings" 
(BB#44 - originally aired 5/3/15)

The videos will play one after the other so you don't have to worry about stopping and starting! We chose these two video lessons because of your emails about how I start my paintings and how do I know when a painting is finished.

Next week you can expect another brand new painting and product demonstration.

Keep your brushes wet!

Thanks again for watching and telling your friends! We strive for short, substantial, informative bits to help jumpstart your time in your studio. 
We appreciate your interest, questions, comments and support!

Here's a quick reminder about some upcoming workshops and dates. If interested, sign up now!

Featured Workshops :

Raleigh, North Carolina
April 10-14, 2017 - Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage
Contact Stacy Stover, Jerry's Artarama Event Coordinator (919) 876-6610 or email  raleigh.or@jerrysartarama.com

Polyptych Workshops at the Sedona Art Center:
May 15-19, 2017
Artist Retreat: Contemporary Abstract Figure Painting & Collage
October 23-27, 2017
Artist Retreat: Playing with Polyptychs
5-day Workshops (Monday-Friday)
Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ
Contact (888) 954-4442 or (928) 282-3809

Paint Insane with Bob on the Seine
International Trip to France!
April 13-23, 2018
Contact Dillman's (715) 588-3143

View Bob's Workshop Schedule, click here .

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Best of BobBlast Studio Tips

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