No. 10

BDI E-Newsletter

Thank You for Your Support in 2015
Your support of BDI makes a difference in the lives of people who have a disability and are eager to work. In 2015, your gift helped more than 1,000 people gain employment support, connected 162 people with jobs, and helped BDI create and sustain jobs for 256 people with disabilities within our own social enterprises.
"BDI helps people get back on their feet and back to self-sufficiency."
Former BDI client, Carol Brunie
After a car accident, Carol sustained severe injuries that prevented her from working for nearly ten years. When Carol was ready to return to work, she couldn't find a job due to her long absence from the workforce. 
Then Carol came to BDI, where she gained new skills and received help searching for a job, including a new resume, coaching, and interview practice. Most importantly, BDI connected her with businesses seeking employees like her.  Today, Carol works as a call center agent in one of BDI's social enterprises.
Your gift this year in any amount will help many others, still pursuing their goals, to secure jobs and prosper. You can direct your gift to the program of your choice by making an online gift or by using the BDI donation form.

Save the Date for Breakfast with Champions: March 2, 2016
BDI's annual celebration of community leaders and the contributions of our clients will take place on  Wednesday, March 2, 2016 , from  8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the  Cobb Galleria Centre .

Presenting Sponsor

Meet the Honorees
Cassie S. Mitchell, Ph.D.  Circle of Excellence Award

F rom her data-driven ALS research to her record-breaking performance on the U.S. Paralympic Team, Dr. Cassie S. Mitchell sets a standard of excellence that inspires everyone around her to do their best work.
BDI is proud to honor such a dynamic individual with the 2016 Circle of Excellence award.

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta,  Employer of the Year

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta plays a critical role in BDI's job training, internship, and job connections services. From piloting the "Investments that Work" program to providing business etiquette workshops for BDI clients, the bank has created a plethora of professional development opportunities for people with disabilities.

Client Journeys: Julia Scanlon
Like many of BDI's job candidates, Julia Scanlon wants to work to support herself, and she knows she can do it.

"I am so capable," Julia says, "and I don't want to just sit around doing nothing ... I want to contribute." 

When Julia moved to the Atlanta area, she sought job placement assistance and was referred to BDI, where she participated in interview preparation classes and worked with a BDI career counselor.
Photo of the Month: Let the pins fall where they may!

Volunteers from Cox Automotive joined BDI clients and staff
for a fun, festive holiday bowling party! 
Volunteer Highlights
A New Partnership: Intradiem and BDI
This fiscal year, volunteers are playing a key role in BDI's job connections services by conducting mock interviews for our clients. Mock interviews provide clients with the critical practice and feedback they need to gain confidence for the next big step in their career journeys, and BDI recruits community and corporate volunteers to conduct these interviews in order to create a more realistic experience. 
When BDI launched monthly mock interview sessions in October 2015, we reached out to Kerry Eng le,  who manages Intradiem's community service program. Based in Alpharetta, GA, Intradiem helps companies optimize their customer service delivery by creating a real-time frontline workforce. Led by staff member Patricia Kennedy, Intradiem volunteers have stepped up to fill BDI's need for mock interviewers through January 2016. Several volunteers have provided interview and resume feedback to  students in the logistics certification program at BDI's Jonesboro campus. To date, 15 BDI job candidates have been impacted by these volunteers' contributions of their time and talent. 
BDI is honored to partner with Intradiem and grateful for the company's shared commitment to creating opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please  email us  or visit our website .