What do you do with a 17,000 square foot casino floor after converting it into a non-gaming, non-smoking hotel brand?

Turn it into a giant recreation area with bocce ball courts, big screen TVs, ski ball and a bar. Obviously.

Formerly The Siena Hotel - Soon to be the Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel & Spa - a Marriott property. The Renaissance brand will finally take over and reopen in quarter one of 2017.

Owner and managing partner Fernando Leal, said bocce ball is the up and coming trendy team sport for all ages. 

His eyes light up when he talks about all the possibilities and positive energy he said the game will bring to downtown Reno.
"It's part of the transformation of Reno, away from gaming," 

To help make the transition from casino to bocce haven, Leal brought in a team of Italian court designers with their American representative, Da Vinci Bocce. Michael Grasser, owner of Da Vinci Bocce, explained that they use synthetic materials built to last and provide tournament-level gameplay.

Bocce ball court designers, from left, Massimo Bartolucci, Americo Rizza, Antonie Chiesura and Michael Grasser all worked on creating the bocce ball courts in the Siena, soon-to-be Renaissance Hotel.

Kelly Richmond