ALTA Surveys
Optional Table A Item 9: Parking
The 2016 Minimum Standards for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys provide some clarification regarding the surveyor’s responsibilities when including Optional Table A Item 9, Parking. The definition now reads “Number and type (e.g., disabled, motorcycle, regular and other marked specialized types) of clearly identifiable parking spaces on surface parking areas, lots and in parking structures. Striping of clearly identifiable parking spaces on surface parking areas and lots.” It clarifies the reference to striping by now stating that ONLY the striping for surface areas and surface parking lots needs to be shown. As the definition read in the previous version of the requirements, it could have been interpreted that a surveyor had to indicate any striping on the property which would be inclusive of above or below ground parking structures. The new definition clears up any misunderstanding of the surveyor’s responsibilities. 

Per the 2016 definition, surveyors must include in the parking count ANY parking space on the property regardless of whether it is a surface space or within a structure. Furthermore, in addition to the total number of spaces, the surveyor must identify and count by type (e.g., disabled, motorcycle, regular and other marked specialized types). In the age of the electric car and ride-share, surveyors will sometimes include the number of designated electric charging stations or the number of spaces dedicated to car sharing services. Be aware that if the transaction requires striping for ALL parking, including any parking within structures, that should be negotiated under blank Optional Item 21. Additionally, projects such as HUD deals or any property where parking may be required to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) may mandate that the surveyor indicate the dimension of the parking spaces, especially the disabled spaces. This too should be negotiated under Optional Item 21 with specific instruction given to the surveyor.
Water: The Long-Term Impact of Harvey and Irma
Our thoughts go out to those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and we hope for a smooth recovery as those involved work to get back on their feet.

Once things begin to normalize in terms of basic needs and safety there will come a time when commercial properties will need to be assessed. The devastating flooding has caused damage resulting in unwanted moisture and subsequent microbial growth. This will become an ongoing issue for owners/occupants of water damaged buildings if the structures are not assessed properly prior to rehabilitation.

Once water has entered a building, it can travel far and wide, making it difficult to find the sources of the leak and assess the extent of damage. There are numerous technologies available to assist in these assessments (Moisture Studies). Infrared Thermography is a useful tool for detecting water in hard-to-see areas. It can get underneath roofing membranes, go behind walls, and travel inside shafts and conduits. Thermal Surveys are also effective in detecting moisture that has worked its way deep below the surface of the roof and saturated the roofing insulation. Moisture Meters can also be used to detect moisture in paint, wall coatings, drywall, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and ceiling tiles.

It is important for property owners to be informed and assess for moisture that might not be easily visible.  Contact Bock & Clark to assist you in securing the proper moisture assessment.
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