Jim Morningstar shares a Body Dialogue Meditation you can use to tap into inner wisdom from your spirit....
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Body Dialogue Meditation: 
Loving and Learning from Your Body
Body Dialogue Meditation from Being and Living the Love You Are
Body Dialogue Meditation from Being and Living the Love You Are
Jim Morningstar shares a Body Dialogue meditation you can use to tap into inner wisdom from your spirit. Have your body's innate sensitivity be a guide to greater insight and clarity on your life path.
This meditation is part of Jim's Being and Living the Love you Are nine session video course. For information: see below and info@transformationsusa.com.  

Being and Living the Love You Are
Still time to join this life changing video course. 

Give yourself the gift of an immersion in 
letting love transform your life.

Each session we engage in practices that radically upend the roadblocks to owning the innocence and purity of your being and radiating this glow to your world. Open to all beings of love around the planet.
  •   transform  your experience to being in love with and         nurtured by life daily
  •   have a chest of love potions for every life challenge
  •   build a reservoir of loving energy to tide you through dark nights of illusion
  •   attract loving companions who delight in sharing love with you daily
  •   be strengthened by a community dedicated to spreading love on our planet
You will receive:
~ a monthly video class approximately one hour long for 9 months
~ enlightening  information, references, exercises, practice in class and at home and         sharing with your classmates
~ daily inspirational email sharing from Jim Morningstar
~ a strategic plan for  being and living the love you are more fully in daily life than you       can presently imagine 


Tuition: $180 USD. Reduction for some countries outside the US (contact instructor).

Payment: check or money order in USD to: Transformations 
4200 W Good Hope Rd. Milwaukee, WI 53209 USA.
enter tuition amount under: Consultation Services Jim Morningstar, Ph.D. 

You will immediately begin receiving these inspiring course videos and materials.

For more information contact: Jim Morningstar

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