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BodyTalk Fundamentals
Practitioner Training Course
over 4 days
Presented on Zoom
Friday June 26th to Monday29th
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A Life Shifting Healing Modality

James Oschman Ph.D.
Biophysicist, Advisor to BodyTalk, and author
“BodyTalk is perhaps the easiest and most powerful method you can learn to keep your family healthy. This applies to everyone, whether you are a medical doctor, an athlete, a mother, a kindergarten pupil a therapist or any kind of a Ph.D. candidate.”
BodyTalk addresses you, the whole-person and your whole-story, using the entire context of your life to improve your health and is part of a new paradigm in health care of how the body-mind & emotions are deeply connected.
Release Pain & Blocked Emotions
Clear limiting beliefs & negative thoughts, heal from trauma & injury and do it all without harmful side effects, drugs, invasive procedures or extraordinary costs.
BodyTalk Practitioners
They are trained, Intuitive Healing Practitioners. They help reveal your healing blindspots & hidden stressors so you can gain clarity, discover the root causes of your ailment and heal. This saves both time & money making treatment very affordable.
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The BodyTalk System is an energy healing system that helps the body heal naturally. By using safe and simple techniques that promote better internal communication, your body is capable of healing itself very rapidly.

With a customized approach to your unique life story, all facets and their effects on your health are considered. Your emotions, experiences, relationships, environmental triggers, hereditary factors as well as your physical health are all looked upon.

The innate healing system or innate wisdom is the body's self-guided energy that naturally repairs, restores, synchronizes, and heals at all levels. The BodyTalk System™ is based on restoring communication and optimal function of the innate wisdom. A BodyTalk session provides insights to the areas of your body that need attention. As a result, the body's healing energy is redirected where it is needed most.

Priority vs. Symptoms:  BodyTalk respects the body’s own needs and priorities for healing. Instead of ‘chasing symptoms’, a BodyTalk Practitioner addresses specific sequence of physical, emotional or energetic imbalances.
Confirm Your Intuition:  Students will learn to use a muscle reflex, a gentle form of neuromuscular biofeedback which provides a “yes” or “no” response. Muscle reflex identifies which areas of the body-mind need attention and confirms the practitioner’s intuition as they facilitate a session.
Mapping the Body-Mind:  The BodyTalk protocol chart is a valuable resource and learning tool. This map of the body-mind integrates physical, emotions, beliefs, family genetics, immune, environmental sensitivities, and energic factors. Your will learn ho to use the chart to facilitate a complete BodyTalk Session.

Enjoy remarkable results helping your clients, family and friends be able to manage daily stress and enjoy optimal health
Your Instructor
What makes me excited about my role as a BodyTalk Instructor is how fast the students learn. I teach that the strength of BodyTalk lies in its simplicity. Just do the technique. And Stay out of your own way! it's so easy to learn.. It is so rewarding to practice!
As a follow-up, I provide regular study enhancements to ensure continued growth and development in the evolution of BodyTalk.
Cherie Carpenter
Your Coordinator
Julie has over 25 years of experience in complementary healthcare, wellness coaching and energy medicine. She is very passionate about helping her clients around the world work through difficult health challenges as well as teaching them to access their inner power. 

Julie Bolduc 
RHN, CBP, Parama BP