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BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration is designed to equip BodyTalk students and CBP's with the confidence, knowledge, and client communication skills to build a thriving practice as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. This is the perfect opportunity to deepen and integrate your left-brain knowledge and right-brain intuition, to prepare you for exams, and to gain the confidence for developing a professional, successful BodyTalk practice.
What Can I Expect from this course?
Cherie will guide you to reach a comfort zone working with clients and the protocol chart, developing your skills to building a healthy, lucrative BodyTalk Practice.
In this class, she will help you: 
Being in your comfort zone with the protocol, procedures, and Certification process
Speaking with the client without diagnosing
Integrating your accumulated health care knowledge into the techniques.
For example, your educational background i.e. Nutrition, Chiropractic, Massage, Naturopathy, Yoga, etc.
Understanding the importance of following the BodyTalk Protocol and Procedures when working in the BodyTalk System™.
Feeling comfortable talking about BodyTalk to others and groups
Additionally, Cherie will share additional information about specific BodyTalk techniques, including the SB Juncture, Body Chemistry, the Chakras, and Reciprocals, deepening your understanding so you can increase your confidence and educate your clients.
Why Take Fundamentals Integration
with Cherie Carpenter?
Cherie has a long, dedicated history with the BodyTalk System, both as a successful practitioner and as a dedicated instructor. She has assisted hundreds of students through the process of becoming Certified BodyTalk practitioners for over 20 years and personally knows the challenges and rewards of running a very successful professional BodyTalk practice. 
She brings this experience and wisdom to share with you, both during the class as well as with online support following the class. She is committed to seeing the CBP behind your name. 
Throughout this class, she will share invaluable information with you to help you gain confidence in the technical aspects of your practice as well as in the practical marketing, communications, and education of your clients. She has a very down-to-earth approach that helps students feel comfortable immediately, creating a safe space for you to ask questions and express your doubts and concerns so that you can move forward in your new career with excitement and possibility.
What Cherie’s Students Like Most About Fundamentals Integration on Zoom

- Gaining Confidence
- New Techniques!
- Personalized approach and opportunity to get so many questions answered!
- The class is tailored to what the students need
- Lots of one-on-one time to ask questions and practice
- The review of Fundamentals with extra hints and info
- How to work with intuition
- Business-Building Ideas
- Exploring the Sense of Touch
- Great ideas to help you think outside of the box!
- Fantastic On-line Support and Assistance! 
What You Will Review + Learn: 
* Review of Exploring Procedure
* Review of BodyTalk Techniques 
* Practice refining your muscle checking with confidence
* Understanding and developing the art-of-listening
* Performing a full session and documenting a BodyTalk formula
* Learn how to introduce BodyTalk to new clients
* Learn how to discuss- "interpret"- your BodyTalk formulas with clients
* Review the importance of Permissions in BodyTalk
* Learn more about how to use the Appendices in the back of the Fundamentals manual.
* Detailed discussion about how you will prepare for your CBP Certification and answering any questions pertaining to the process
* FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: Why BodyTalkers don't feel drained after session, don’t absorb energy from others; Working with agendas; Charging for the session, Follow-up appointments...etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
will also be addressed: 
How to debrief session to the client
How much to charge for the session
Are you comfortable charging for a session?
...and many more tips to help you get started in your BodyTalk practice! 
Upon completion of this course you will: 
* Describe the Exploring Procedure, and the meanings of Details, More Specific, Orientation, Definition, Link, Implementation, Tap Out, Specific Tapping, Hand Placements, Breathing
* Describe how to professionally explain sessions and formulas to your clients
* Demonstrate confidence with your muscle reflex.
* Describe all of the Fundamental techniques and how to perform sessions on clients
* Describe how to use the appendices in the back of the Fundamentals manual.
* Discuss BodyTalk with potential new clients.
* Have practical practice-building tools to start building your BodyTalk practice right away
* Know what steps to take to fully prepare to write your CBP exam

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February 2021
Friday 19th to Mon 22nd
10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Your Instructor
What makes me excited about my role as a BodyTalk Instructor is how fast the students learn. I teach that the strength of BodyTalk lies in its simplicity. Just do the technique. And Stay out of your own way! it's so easy to learn. It is so rewarding to practice. As a follow-up, I provide regular study enhancements to ensure continued growth and development in the evolution of BodyTalk. 
Cherie Carpenter
Your Host
Linda has been working with clients utilizing BodyTalk soon after it was introduced into Ontario, and has been in practice for over 15 years. At this time Linda is working remotely with clients as well as Skype and Zoom. Presently she also leads successful online workshops and seminars.
Looking for to speaking with you.
CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP