Volume 23. Issue 1. January 2022
Susan Dollar

Well, here we are in 2022! I'm honored and excited to start a new year as your president. Hard to believe that we are entering the third year of the pandemic...and are still dealing with the Big Lie...and the very real threats to our democracy. We've come so far - but we have a long way to go. Before I bring up the future, let's look back at what we've accomplished together over the last few years!

Take a look at the header of this newsletter. This is the 23rd year of our newsletter publication! What originally startied out as a paper copy that was mailed to members of the Kendall County Area Democratic Women, the newsletter has morphed into an online publication that is now emailed to 492 interested persons across the U.S. BAD has grown from 96 paid members in 2018 to almost 200 paid members today. Thanks to the generousity of our members and friends, over the past five years we have raised more than $31,111 through fundraiser donations, all of which was donated to candidates and democratic causes. Together, we have collected over $5,000 in gift cards for Hil Country Family Services and have donated countless coats, blankets, backpacks, and school supplies over the years. We have a lot to be proud of!

We also have a lot ahead of us. As I write this on the eve of the January 2021 insurrection, I am almost overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges that we face as Democrats. Daniel Squadron of The States Project recently wrote, “The most motivated voters in America today are those who think the 2020 election was stolen.” We Democrats must get out and register Democratic voters, canvass for candidates, write postcards, make phone calls, and get voters to the polls. It's going to take each and every one of us working tirelessly to combat the false narrative, spread the truth, and save our democracy.

I know that you all are well aware of all the issues facing this country. I know that you all want to do something. And yet I recognize that that we are all most likely suffering from what experts call "languishing". Languishing is not merely in our heads — it’s in our circumstances. According to Adam Grant, a psychologist and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, "languishing is the neglected middle child of mental health. You’re not functioning at full capacity. Languishing dulls your motivation, disrupts your ability to focus, and triples the odds that you’ll cut back on work. "

A way to move beyond languishing is through flow, a state of mind where an individual is completely immersed or engaged in an activity. Professor Grant says, "Because you’re so focused on the activity, you may lose your awareness of time. Flow often occurs when you’re doing something that you enjoy and also provides a challenge or opportunity to learn something new. Research shows that the release of the brain chemical dopamine can increase during flow, which can make people feel greater enjoyment and energy."

So...I invite you all to find your flow by stepping up, attending our meetings, and volunteering for activities and tasks. Your well-being (not to mention our democracy) is at stake! Your BAD Board has put together several new social activities and new strategies for each of our monthly meetings that will involve education and your participation. We need each and every one of us to get involved.

Please plan to attend our meeting this week via Zoom (link below). This is a really important meeting where we will go over goals for 2022. We will also be voting on an annual budget as well as reviewing planned activities and volunteer opportunities. Let's join together to have a very happy blue year in 2022!


How Donald Trump's Next Coup Has Already Begun; January 6 was practice: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/01/january-6-insurrection-trump-coup-2024-election/620843/

Past President
The Boerne Area Democrats club is currently 183 members strong! If your membership is up for renewal, you will receive an e-mail from me, so be sure to add bko57bko57@yahoo.com to your contacts. Also, be sure to check your SPAM folder for messages from BAD.

To become a member or renew, you can pay online with PayPal by following this link to https://www.boerne-area-democrats.org/become-a-member. Fill out the payment form and submit and also complete the application and submit it. You can also mail your check to BAD Membership, PO Box 2132, Boerne, TX, 78006. Dues are $40 a person for those under age 60, $25 a person for those aged 60 and older, and $10 for students. If you have already submitted your payment, thank you very much for your support of the club. 

We'd really like to break 200 members during January. Now is a great time to purchase a membership for a family member, friend, or student! Help us meet our goal and remember: TAMOUTYT (there are more of us than you think)! 

Social Media
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Kendall County Democratic Party Chair

Notes from the Chair: January 2022

Happy New Year from the Kendall County Democratic Party! We are *ready* for 2022! Believe it or not, the March 1 Democratic Primary is only 7 short weeks away. Our goal is to get 2,500 votes in the Primary, and we’ll need everyone’s help to reach it. We’ll be holding phone banks, text banks, and sending postcards in order to reach our local Democratic voters. Stay tuned to the KCDP newsletter for full details. If you’d like to sign up to help, please email Peg Layton at layton.peg@gmail.com
We are super excited that Kevin Henning is running for Kendall County Commissioner, Precinct 4! This is the first time in eight years that a Democratic candidate has run for a local race in Kendall County. Yes, it’s a longshot—but we want to do everything we can to help Kevin in his race. Stop by the office and pick up a “Henning 4 Commissioner” button. In order to keep his financial filings as simple as possible, Kevin is not accepting campaign donations. If you wish to contribute to help his campaign, please make that donation to either BAD or the Kendall County Democratic Party.

Texas is going to see major benefits from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. Of the $1.2 trillion this bill will spend to restore our country’s roads, bridges, pipes, ports, and broadband access, more than $35 billion will be coming to Texas, improving the lives of millions of Texans for generations to come. Thanks, President Biden! And thank YOU for everything you do to work for equality and justice in Texas!
BAD Meeting
Thursday, January 13
11:45 a.m. via Zoom

Click here to join Zoom meeting:

Unfortunately, and in spite of the best laid plans and intentions, we will not be meeting in person this month. Instead, we will continue to meet via Zoom, so please mark your calendars and plan to login and attend.

At our meeting, the board members will go over the plans and activities for 2022. We have lots of exciting and innovative ideas to help save democracy and win elections in November. Many new social activities are also in the works. We need all hands on deck, so make plans to attend our first meeting of the new year!
Join your fellow Democrats at the
Martin Luther King Walk in Boerne!
Saturday, January 17
9:00 a.m.
The walk will begin at Main Plaza and proceed down Main Street to River Road and back.
It's that time again to come out and help us clean the highway! Bring your gloves and wear your walking shoes and meet us behind the Circk K at the corner of Hwy 46 and FM 3351. Remember...many hands make light work!

Saturday, January 29
9:30 a.m.

Sign up to volunteer here: 

Thursday, January 13, with sessions at 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at the County Elections Office. 

Stacey Gilfillan is going to head up a brand new activity for us - the Saturday Night Supper Club! The first get-together will be on February 26 at La Gloria Street Food of Mexico in Leon Springs (outdoor patio).

Good news! Bill Lester has graciously agreed to lead the BAD Book Club again! Although we won't begin meeting just yet, you can go ahead and start reading! The first book selection is Betrayal by Jonathan Karl.
Recommended reading for children 4-8:

The debut picture book from iconic voting rights advocate and #1 New York Times bestselling author Stacey Abrams is an inspiring tale of determination, based on her own childhood. 
to all our members who donated to the gift card drive-by on December 17. Together we raised $2,200 that was donated to Hill Country Family Services.
Pictured at left are the BAD board members that collected gift cards at the PHPL. Pictured above are HCFS staff with BAD members Marilyn Harrington, Stacey and Chris Gilfillan, Susan Dollar, and Jerry Terry.
the difference between BAD and KCDP
BAD is…
·      a political action committee (PAC)
·      governed by a board of officers elected by the membership
·      open to any interested persons in the surrounding counties
·      structured as a club with membership fees
BAD activities include…
·      holding monthly topical meetings
·      hosting educational and social activities
·      raising funds for Democratic political candidates
·      hosting political candidates, town halls, and candidate forums
·      providing scholarships for public high school students
·      collecting membership dues

KCDP is…
·      a formal division of the Texas Democratic Party
·      governed by the County Executive Committee (CEC) which is made up of the county chair and precinct chairs that are elected during county-wide elections every two years
·      open to residents of Kendall County
·      free to all
KCDP activities include:
·      running the Democratic Primary Election in March
·      assisting with the General Election campaigns of the Democratic Party’s nominees within the county
·      organizing and conducting the Kendall County Democratic Convention
·      managing Democratic Party headquarters
·      producing materials and coordinating local services for all Democratic campaigns 
·      holding monthly CEC meetings
·      developing local political candidates
·      conducting canvassing for candidates
·      providing operations-related training for volunteers

·      welcome all Democrats
·      foster a community of like-minded individuals
·      increase the visibility of Democrats through community engagement such as parades, market days, and marches
·      work to elect more Democrats to local, state and national offices
·      publicize Democratic events to the local media
·      have separate organizational structures and distinctly different governing regulations so fundraising and financial reporting must be kept separate
Our Democratic Headquarters at 216 E. Blanco is now open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Stop by to visit with other Dems and pick up campaign materials and other goodies.
Click on any of these icons to be taken to their web pages.
Let your voices be heard by attending these community meetings.
Click on any of the icons for more information.
Boerne City Council meets at 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at 9 Topperwein Road, Boerne.
The Kendall County Commissioner's Court meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday at 9:00 a.m. in the County Courthouse, 201 E. San Antonio Street, 3rd floor.

The Planning and Zoning meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Boerne Police/Municipal Court, 124 Old San Antonio Road.
The Fair Oaks City Council meets on the 1st Thursday at 9:30 a.m. and the 3rd Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the FOR City Hall, 7286 Dietz Elkhorn Road, FOR.
The Comfort ISD Board of Trustees meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the CISD Central Office, 327 High Street, Comfort.
The Boerne ISD Board of Trustees meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Administrative Offices,
235 Johns Road.
The Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at 9 Topperwein Road, Boerne.
President: Susan Dollar
Vice President: Jerry Terry
Secretary: Robin Prescott
Treasurer: sharon Noack
Membership: Brooke Orr
Publicity: Natalie Schun
Newsletter: Judy Dewey
Social Media: Krista Bermejillo-Vasquez
Past President: Stacey Gilfillan
Ex Officio member: Laura Bray, KCDP
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Email: BAD@boerne-area-democrats.com
Web: boerne-area-democrats.org
Facebook: facebook.com/boerne.area.democrats

Notice Regarding Photography and/or Audio/Video Recording
The Boerne Area Democrats captures photographs and/or audio/video recordings during our events.
Such photographs and recordings may be used in BAD's advertising and social media relations to let others
know of our events. In addition, local news organizations may hear of our events, and BAD may allow
them to record events for news reporting. If you do not wish to be in photos/videos,
please let the photographer/videographer know in advance.

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