Boise High Preparing A Plan to Replace Braves Mascot with Boise Brave
‘One That More Faithfully Represents School’s Vision, Historic Roots & Core Values’
Boise, ID -- Monday, August 5, 2019 -- After consulting with Boise High staff, parent and student leaders, as well as the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe, school administrators are working on a plan to replace Boise High Braves with Boise High Brave. 

“Boise High Brave is a character trait. It is a reflection of what we ask of our students and teachers every day,” said Boise High Principal Robb Thompson. “With the adoption of Brave and it’s simple, yet powerful, call to action, this is the final step in a multi-year process to move Boise High’s mascot away from a caricature of Native American culture to one that more faithfully represents the school’s vision and core values.”

“To make this change, one that preserves and celebrates the best of our traditions, we need look no further than the entrance to our school,” said Principal Thompson. “Boise High’s welcoming entrance (pictured) celebrates the civic virtues that embody the school’s purpose at its founding in 1902: Wisdom, Justice, Temperance and Courage.”

A committee representing current and former Boise High students, faculty and patrons reviewed Boise High’s mission last year and captured in the following acronym the values and behaviors that require the virtue of Courage.
Balance – We are committed to be our best selves – body, heart and mind – in our school and community.

Resilience – We embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Acceptance – We contribute to a positive school culture by acknowledging and exploring diverse ideas with an open mind and by advocating for ourselves and others.

Valor - We prepare for our unique futures with imagination, resolve, and optimism and show exceptional courage in pursuing the visions of our future selves.

Engagement – We are present, mindful and active in all pursuits.

To be BRAVE then is a character trait and not a caricature. 

In recent years, the Boise High community has reflected on and adapted the mascot’s imagery to avoid caricatures of Native Americans and/or objects. In 2014, the school removed those images entirely from the school’s crest. 

“As educators in the Boise School District, we have the utmost respect for all people and we are committed to instilling in our students and community that same level of respect for all cultures, including American Indians,” said Boise High Quadrant Area Director Debbie Donovan.  

Throughout this process, Boise High has solicited and considered input from students, faculty, alumni, patrons and the school’s parent support board. Recently, Boise High administrators and District officials visited with Shoshone-Bannock Tribe officials on the Fort Hall Reservation in Southeastern Idaho. During the August 1st meeting, Tribal officials conveyed their support for Boise High’s proposal.

“As we have learned, when values are rooted in virtues, they should endure,” said Principal Thompson. “This is the right thing to do and the right time to do it.”

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