Boise School District Announces Administrative Appointment

Boise, ID  -- 12/28/2022 -- Boise School District is pleased to announce the following administrative appointment, effective Spring of 2023.

Ryan McGill, Assistant Principal, Fairmont Junior High School

Ryan McGill has served the students of the Boise School District for twenty years. During this time he has worked as a Social Studies Teacher (Capital High School, 2021-present; Riverglen Junior High School, 2003 to 2006), and Drama, Creative Communication and Technical Reading and Writing Teacher (Fairmont Junior High School, 2002 to 2003). In addition to teaching, Mr. McGill has served as a football, basketball and track coach at Riverglen Junior High School (2003 to 2006). He also worked in the Lewiston School District, Lewiston, Idaho and Moscow School District, Moscow, Idaho, where he substituted for grades K-12 and gained experience in Special Education, English, Math, Science, Industrial Technology, Creative Writing and Social Sciences. 

Mr. McGill is committed to preparing students for success in college, career and in citizenship. He is dedicated to student-centered learning and believes that all students can and will succeed if given the opportunity and proper guidance and support. Mr. McGill is a strong instructional leader who works positively with students and families to establish a positive and responsive culture of learning.  

Mr. McGill earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science Education (Secondary) with a Minor in Theater Arts from the University of Idaho in 2001 and a Masters Degree in Education Administration from the University of Idaho in 2012.  

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