Boise School District Announces

Administrative Appointments

Boise, ID -- 05/18/2023 -- Boise School District is pleased to announce the following administrative appointments, effective July 1, 2023. 

Bryan Defares, Assistant Principal, Borah High School

Bryan Defares is committed to the success of each and every student and has extensive experience in seeing that students have every opportunity to learn and grow. For the last decade, he has served Boise School District students as a special education teacher, (Borah High School, 2015 to present); and special education assistant/paraprofessional (West Junior High School, 2013 to 2015). Mr. Defares also currently serves as the Borah High School Equity Lead and a member of Borah's Leadership Team.  

He believes in the District’s Learner-Centered System where all students take charge of their learning and experience success when the necessary support, guidance and resources are provided. Mr. Defares builds strong and effective relationships with students, families and staff members. His collaborative approach and positive attitude helps create a positive and responsive learning environment. 

His demonstrated leadership skills, along with his ability to identify the strengths and opportunities for growth in students sets the foundation for school success. He works hard to close the achievement gap among all students. In addition, he establishes a strong rapport with all stakeholders to see that students are provided a safe and nurturing learning environment. 

Mr. Defares earned his Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and a minor in Economics from Boise State University; Master degree in Educational Leadership and Special Education Director Endorsement from Boise State University.

Angela Hagans, Assistant Principal, Les Bois Junior High School

Angela Hagans is a 16-year veteran of serving public school students in Idaho. Ms. Hagans is a knowledgeable, passionate and influential teacher and school leader. She has demonstrated experience in establishing and maintaining relationships with colleagues, students and families that help build a healthy, effective and positive school culture. She believes in the District’s student-focused instructional system that builds on the core belief that each individual student can and will learn when provided the opportunity, support and resources necessary to succeed.  

During her professional career in education, she has worked as:

  • English and Gifted and Talented teacher, Lowell Scott Middle School (2007-2015)
  • Teacher Leader, Idaho Coaching Network (2014-2019)
  • Building Instructional Lead, Frank Church High School (2016 to present)
  • English Language Arts Teacher, Frank Church High School (2015-2020)
  • Title I Coach, Frank Church High School (2020 to present)
  • Assistant Principal, Alternative Junior High School, Boise School District (2022)
  • Co-Principal, Boise Evening School, Boise School District (2022 to present)

Ms. Hagans earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Psychology at Boise State University, Master of Arts degree in English, Secondary Education, Master of Arts Degree in Literacy from Boise State University and a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Boise State University.

Dan Knight - Assistant Principal, North Junior High School 


Dan Knight has served public school students for more than 30 years. He is a collaborative, compassionate, energetic, can-do educator committed to providing an excellent educational program for each and every student.

Mr. Knight is committed to the District's student -centered instructional model that provides the necessary support, resources and guidance to see that each student can and will learn successfully. He is dedicated to the District’s Vision of preparing students for success in college, career and in life. He has successfully served on School Improvement and Professional Learning Communities in the schools where he's worked to establish an effective culture of academic success. 

During his career, Mr. Knight has served students as:

  • Principal (Albany Options School, Albany, OR)
  • Assistant Principal (South Albany High School, Albany, OR)
  • History Teacher and Event Manager (Woodburn High School, Woodburn, OR)
  • Secondary Social Studies Teacher (Molalla High School, Molalla River, OR)
  • Elementary Physical Education Teacher (Hayesville Elementary School and Rosedale Elementary School, Salem-Keizer, OR)
  • Assistant Principal (Borah High School, Boise School District (2014-15)
  • Assistant Principal (Frank Church High School, Boise School District (2015-18)
  • Assistant Principal, Morley Nelson & Shadow Hills Elementary Schools (2018-2019)
  • Assistant Principal, Horizon Elementary School (2019-2021);
  • Assistant Principal, Riverside and Amity Elementary Schools (2021-2022)
  • Assistant Principal, Grace Jordan & Riverside elementary schools (2022 to present) 

Mr. Knight earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Western Oregon University, a Master of Secondary Education Degree from Western Oregon University, and completed his Continuing Administrative License at the University of Oregon. 

Matt Krumm - Assistant Principal, South Junior High School

Matt Krumm serves as an assistant principal at Borah High School (2022 to present). Mr. Krumm’s administrative experience includes: Assistant Principal at Hillside Junior High School (2015 to 2022) and Assistant Principal at Caldwell High School (2012-2015). He worked as a Special Education Behavior Specialist (2005 - 2007), high school teacher (2008-12), and as a summer school principal for the Kuna School District (2011-12). Mr. Krumm taught U.S. History, Psychology, Sociology, Student Government, and Special Education. His administrative experience includes curriculum writing/alignment, RTI facilitation, PTE, CLC facilitator, test coordination (SBAC, ISAT, and SAT), Common Core alignment, ISAT-alt assessment, hiring, and building safety.

Mr. Krumm is a passionate educator who is dedicated to the success of every student. He is focused on empowering individual students to take ownership of their learning with support, guidance, and resources provided by our District’s highly qualified educators. Mr. Krumm has a strong history of working collaboratively with students, staff, and parents to increase student achievement. 

Mr. Krumm earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Boise State University, his Idaho Teaching Certificate from Boise State University, and a Master of Education (Educational Leadership) from the University of Idaho. 

Jamie Kubena, Assistant Principal, Borah High School

During his 21-year career as a professional educator, Jamie Kubena has held countless leadership positions that have focused on effective student-centered instruction, collaboration, grading, technology integration and professional development. 

He has demonstrated experience working in elementary schools, junior high/middle schools, Title I schools and non-Title 1 schools. He has served students as a English, Reading and Technology Teacher (East Junior High School, Boise School District, 2002-2006); 5th/6th Grade Teacher (Garfield Elementary School, Boise School District, 2006-2012, Amity Elementary School, Boise School District, 2012-2021); Elementary Summer School Site Coordinator (Boise School District, 2010-2015); and Assistant Principal, Summitvue Middle School (Vallivue School District, 2021 to present). 

As a teacher and leader, Mr. Kubena prides himself on his ability to create positive and impactful relationships with students and colleagues. As a school administrator, he uses these skills, along with his in-depth knowledge of curriculum and instruction to create a positive learning environment for the entire school community. He believes in the District’s student-focused learning system that is founded on the belief that all students can learn if provided with the support, guidance and resources they need.

Mr. Kubena earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Boise State University; a Master degree in Educational Technology from Lesley University; and a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Idaho.

Drew Lingle - Assistant Principal, Timberline High School

Drew Lingle has served students in the Boise School District since 2001. He is committed to a comprehensive educational program that serves the needs of all students in a safe, secure and collaborative learning environment. Mr. Lingle builds effective relationships with students, families and staff members. His passion for student and staff success drives his daily efforts and he is committed to making sure each student can and will learn.

Mr. Lingle is committed to the Boise District's Student-Centered Instructional Model where all students are provided the proper guidance, direction and resources to take ownership of their learning. vision of supporting all students as they pursue the rigorous coursework and master the personal skills necessary to thrive in college, career and life. As a Timberline alum, Mr. Lingle is excited about returning to Timberline to continue his career as a school administrator. 

During his 22 year career, Mr. Lingle has worked in a variety of roles:

  • Social Studies Teacher and Coach (West Junior High School, 2006 - 2008);
  • Social Studies Teacher and AVID Teacher (Fairmont Junior High School, 2008-2014); 
  • District AVID Consulting Teacher (2014 - 2017), Western Division AVID Consultant (2015 - 2017); 
  • Assistant Principal (East Junior High School, 2017 - 2019); and 
  • Assistant Principal (North Junior High School, 2019 to present). 

Mr. Lingle has also been active in athletics throughout his career and has coached basketball and track at the elementary school level and tennis, basketball, football and track at the junior high school level. Mr. Lingle has served as the Athletic Director of Fairmont.  

As an AVID Consulting teacher, Mr. Lingle provided professional development in the best instructional practices for teachers K-12 and AVID-specific training to teachers, administrators and counselors. He has supervised and evaluated AVID Elective and content teachers on their use of AVID instructional strategies, assisted school teams with their AVID Site Plans and helped coordinate Summer Institute attendance. He has also helped to develop AVID components of the District's Strategic Plan. 

Mr. Lingle obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in History and Education from the University of Idaho in 2005 and a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Idaho in 2012.

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