Boise School District Announces
Administrative Appointments
Boise, ID -- 05/19/2020 -- Boise School District is pleased to announce the following administrative appointments, effective the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. 
Jessica Cromie - Principal, Garfield Elementary School
Jessica Cromie is a fourteen-year veteran of education. She started teaching in 2006 as a Kindergarten through 8th-Grade Teacher at the Idaho Virtual Academy and served as a Kindergarten and 4th Grade Teacher at Siena Elementary School in the West Ada School District. Ms. Cromie also worked as a Research Assistant at the Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute at Boise State University. In addition, she served students as an Assistant Principal at Horizon Elementary School (2014-17) and also as Assistant Principal at Grace Jordan Elementary School (2016-17). She has also served as the Summer School Principal at Horizon Elementary (2015). She currently serves as an Assistant Principal at Les Bois Junior High School. She also served as an interim principal at Les Bois Junior High School from January to May 2019. 
Ms. Cromie is a strong instructional leader who is focused on establishing positive and collaborative working relationships with students, staff and parents. She has experience supporting staff by providing meaningful professional development opportunities. She is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in supporting the needs of each and every student and has demonstrated that she builds and maintains a positive school culture where students can learn and grow academically and socially. She is dedicated to the Boise School District's Vision of preparing students for success in college, career and life.  
Ms. Cromie earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Boise State University and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Idaho.  
Darryl Gerber - Principal, East Junior High School

Darryl Gerber has served students in the Boise School District since 1997. He has worked as a junior high school science teacher (South), intern elementary school principal (Amity), site administrator/assistant principal (Fort Boise Mid High), principal/assistant principal (Senior High Alternative Summer School), principal (Amity Elementary School) and principal at Garfield Elementary School (2014 to present). Under his leadership, Principal Gerber successfully implemented the Community Schools model at Garfield Elementary School. He currently serves on the District’s Negotiations Team. 
Mr. Gerber is a knowledgeable and dedicated education professional who believes each student can succeed in school and in life. He is a collaborative leader who builds effective relationships with parents, students and staff. He is committed to providing a positive school culture where each and every student feels welcome and receives every opportunity to learn and grow academically and socially. 
Principal Gerber is committed to establishing positive school community relations by improving the communication, culture and climate of each school where he has worked by effectively hiring, managing and developing staff. He is dedicated to the District's Strategic Plan by establishing an exceptional aligned curriculum that prepares students for success in the work environment, college and university studies and citizenship.
Principal Gerber has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management from Washington State University, a Master of Education degree from the University of Washington and an Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Idaho.
Shannen Hickey - Assistant Principal at Les Bois Junior High School

Shannen Hickey has taught students in the Boise School District for 23 years. Currently, he is teaching Health 8 at West Junior High School where he also serves as Athletic Director, AVID Coordinator, and Administrative Designee. He has served as a summer school elementary principal (2015), summer school assistant principal (2016-17 - one year at the alternative high school and one year at the traditional high school) and as an alternative high school summer school principal (2018). He also served as an intern assistant principal at Les Bois Junior High School from January 8th, 2018 through March 2nd, 2018. 

Mr. Hickey is a strong instructional leader who works well with staff, students, parents, and the school community. He is a strong advocate for the work of educational professionals and provides the support necessary to see that students and staff members succeed every day. Mr. Hickey supports Professional Learning Communities and believes the District's PLC program is a great example of time for teachers to look at data-driven accountability. Mr. Hickey has experience meeting with staff members to go through reflection, experimentation, analysis, and lesson design to create stronger teachers which in turn will help with student achievement.

Mr. Hickey believes that every student can achieve a high degree of academic success. He is committed to the District’s Vision of preparing students for success in college, career and in life. 

Mr. Hickey earned a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education from Mount Saint Claire University and a Master of Arts in Education Administration from the University of Idaho.
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