Boise School District Latest Target of
Indoctrination Task Force
Boise, ID -- Thursday, June 10, 2021 -- Today, Boise School District responded to a public records request from Idaho State Representative Priscilla Giddings, co-chair of the Idaho Lieutenant Governor’s Indoctrination Task Force. 
The request targeted both curriculum and classroom lessons related to the District’s English Learners program, as well as AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), a national, highly successful college and career readiness program. Both programs serve some of the District’s most socioeconomically challenged students, including recently arrived refugees. 
In accordance with Idaho Public Records Law, the District has made materials that are part of the District’s adopted curriculum available to Representative Giddings. In addition, Representative Giddings requested daily assignments for District K-12 teachers - a request requiring individual teacher-by-teacher searches amounting to thousands of administrative and teacher hours to perform. Per Idaho Idaho Public Records Law, Representative Giddings was informed that such a request would be billed in advance for such a costly and time-consuming undertaking.
“We trust our highly qualified professional educators to prepare our students for college, career and citizenship. That is what our parents, patrons, families and community have come to expect and deserve from us,” said Coby Dennis, Boise School District Superintendent. “We offer educational opportunities that respect students for who they are and provide every child with the skills they will need to succeed in school and in our community.”
The District provides a wide range of instructional material to enrich and support the District’s adopted curriculum. If parents have concerns about what is being taught, they always have the option to request that their student not participate in certain instructional materials, per Board Policy.  
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