Boise School District Restructures Executive Leadership Team, Reinforcing Commitment to Student-Focused Learning

Boise, ID -- 02/28/2023 -- Boise School District is pleased to announce the formation of a new executive leadership team aligned with the District’s strategic approach to improving the educational experience and opportunities for all learners.  

Led by Superintendent Coby Dennis and Deputy Superintendent Lisa Roberts, the Executive Leadership Team reflects the importance academics, athletics and activities play in the ability to successfully deliver an outstanding comprehensive educational experience and the belief that each and every student can and will learn when provided the proper resources, guidance and support. 

As part of the administrative restructuring, the following administrators will transition to the following new executive leadership roles effective July 1, 2023.

Jodie Mills - Chief Academic Officer 

Ms. Jodie Mills currently serves as the Boise School District’s Administrator of Teaching & Learning (2021 to present). In her current role, Ms. Mills has provided visionary leadership and support to the District’s Academic & Content Support Team, which provides support services to each and every school in the District and to their students and staff.

As the Boise School District’s new Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Mills’ responsibilities will be elevated to serve as a member of the District’s Executive Leadership Team, which oversees the daily operations and strategic planning for the District, among other District leadership responsibilities.  

Ms. Mills brings an extensive level of demonstrated and relevant executive leadership experience, having successfully served Idaho students for 32 years. She began her career as a paraprofessional and a teacher, and then served in multiple school, district and state executive leadership roles. 

Ms. Mills has served Idaho’s public school students and families as: 

  • Science/PE Teacher (1991-1999, Minidoka County School District); 
  • Assistant Principal (1997-1999, Minidoka County School District); 
  • Director of Federal Programs & Assessments (1999-2004, Minidoka County School District); 
  • Director of Testing, Data Analysis & Technology (2004-2007, Cassia County School District); 
  • High School Principal (2007-2009, Cassia County School District); 
  • Systems Improvement Coordinator (2009-2011, Idaho State Department of Education);
  • Education Solutions Manager (2011-2012, SchoolNet, Inc.); 
  • Chief Academic Officer (2012 to 2021, Caldwell School District);
  • Administrator of Teaching & Learning (2021 to present, Boise School District).

In her new position as Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Mills will continue to play a key leadership role in implementing, managing and monitoring the District’s Student-Focused Learning Model, which is founded on the core belief that each and every student can and will learn when provided adequate opportunities, support and resources.  

Working in collaboration with the Executive Leadership Team, Ms. Mills will provide leadership, coordination, and administrative support in the ongoing development, implementation, and administration of all phases of the District curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment cycle. She will also focus on ways to improve learning outcomes and opportunities for students and teachers by the continual analysis of teaching practices, professional development opportunities, curriculum and assessment data. 

Ms. Mills has significant leadership experience, having advocated for students on numerous statewide committees. She has also shared her expertise on providing access to high-impactful instruction for all students while creating “student-owned” learning environments on the national and international stage, having presented at a number of national and international educational conferences.  

Ms. Mills is motivated and passionate about partnering with professional learning communities at all levels to create synergistic environments for developing positive student learning and optimal success. 

Jodie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education from Western Montana College, a Masters of Education degree in Education Administration from the University of Idaho, and an Education Specialist degree in Education Leadership/Superintendency from the University of Idaho. 

Brian Walker - Director of Student Activities 

Brian Walker currently serves as an Area Director in the Boise School District (Boise High Area Director, 2022-present; Timberline High Area Director, 2017-2022). In his current executive leadership role, Mr. Walker provides proven and effective leadership to support the District’s commitment to a comprehensive and thorough education program for each and every student.  

As the Boise School District’s new Director of Student Activities, Mr. Walker will provide leadership for the District’s Athletics, Activities and Sustainability Programs, among other responsibilities. Mr. Walker will continue to serve as a member of the District’s Executive Leadership Team and be responsible for articulating and executing a comprehensive strategic plan for the District's Athletics and Activities programs for students from elementary through high school.

Mr. Walker will provide leadership, supervision, evaluation and alignment of the District’s athletic and co-curricular programs with the District’s Strategic Plan. He will also help support and implement the District’s student-focused learning model, ensuring that each and every student can and will learn with proper support, guidance and resources. Mr. Walker will also provide oversight to the District's Sustainability Program to ensure that the district continues to pursue and implement best practices to achieve efficient and sustainable environmental solutions. 

Mr. Walker brings effective executive leadership experience to the new position of Director of Student Activities. Since 1997, he has served as a successful educator in the Boise School District. During his 26-year career in education Mr. Walker has worked as:

  • Secondary Teacher (In-House Supervisor, Boise High, 1997-98; P.E. Teacher, Boise High, 1998-99; Social Studies Teacher, Timberline High, 1999-2003),
  • Athletic Director (Timberline High School, 2003-2006), 
  • Secondary School Assistant Principal (East Jr. High, 2006-09; Capital High 2009-10; Boise High, 2010-12); 
  • Secondary Principal (Fairmont Jr. High, 2012-2016); and 
  • Area Director (Timberline quadrant, 2016 to 2022; Boise quadrant, 2022 to present).

In addition, Mr. Walker has served students as a secondary athletic coach - specifically, as a football, softball, wrestling and baseball coach.  

Mr. Walker earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Education from Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, Washington); and Masters in Education Leadership with Certification from the University of Idaho.

Will Goodman - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Will Goodman currently serves as the Boise School District’s Administrator of Technology (2021 to present). In that role, he has provided visionary leadership and support to the District’s Information Technology Department, which provides state-of-the art technology to support the District’s award-winning comprehensive public school education. 

As the Boise School District’s new Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Goodman’s responsibilities will be elevated to serve as a member of the District’s Executive Leadership Team which oversees the daily operations and strategic planning for the District, among other District leadership responsibilities. Mr. Goodman’s commitment to integrating technology into a student’s educational experience will play a central role in the District’s renewed focus on maximizing student learning. 

Mr. Goodman brings an in-depth level of demonstrated leadership experience to his new position as the District’s Chief Technology Officer. He has served Idaho’s public school students for 19 years. During this time, Mr. Goodman has worked in the Bruneau-Grand View School District (2004-2012) where he served in a number of positions, including elementary school teacher, secondary school teacher, assistant principal, principal, athletic director, and District technology coordinator. He also served in the Idaho State Department of Education as Chief Technology Officer (2015), in the Mountain Home School District as Director of Technology (2013-2017) and as Director of Operations (2017-2019), Director of District Programs for the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (2019 to 2021), and, as mentioned, Administrator of Information Technology, Boise School District (2021 to present). 

As the Director of Technology for the Mountain Home School District, Mr. Goodman led the effort to rebuild the District’s servers and network infrastructure, and oversaw the rollout of a K-12 one-to-one device program for students. As IDLA’s Director of District Programs, he managed IDLA’s regional support team, student services team, professional development offerings, new program development and served as the primary interface with external partners.

Mr. Goodman currently serves as an Idaho Education Technology Association Board Member and as a member of the U.S. Department of Education’s National Forum on Educational Statistics. He has also served on a number of state and national committees, including as a member and subcommittee chair on the Idaho State Board of Education’s Idaho Digital Divide Committee, a member of the Idaho Governor’s K-12 Emergency Council, and founding members of the Idaho Education Opportunity Resource Committee, the Idaho Council for Technology and Learning’s Public Education Information Committee, Facilitator of the Idaho Legislative Broadband Access Study Interim Committee, and was invited by and participated with the Federal Communications Commission in the E-rate Modernization process.

Mr. Goodman is committed to seeing that technology is provided and supported at all levels to enhance the learning and working environments of students and staff members. His strong leadership and positive relationship skills, along with his in-depth organizational skill set will serve him well in his new position as Boise School District’s Chief Technology Officer. 

Mr. Goodman earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education from the University of Idaho (Social Science major emphasis; Political Science minor emphasis); and his Master of Education degree in Education from the University of Idaho (Educational Leadership).

Boise School District’s Executive Leadership Team 

With the above appointments, effective July 1, 2023, the Boise School District Executive Leadership Council will be comprised of: 

  • Coby Dennis, Superintendent
  • Lisa Roberts, Deputy Superintendent
  • Becca Anderson, Borah Area Director
  • Stacey Roth, Capital Area Director
  • Dr. Teri Thaemert, Timberline Area Director
  • Jodie Mills, Chief Academic Officer
  • Brian Walker, Director of Student Activities
  • Will Goodman, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jason Hutchison, Director of Human Resources
  • Sheila Kessel, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dan Skinner, General Counsel

Area Directors Becca Anderson, Stacey Roth and Dr. Teri Thaemert will continue to serve their respective quadrants. With Mr. Brian Walker’s assignment as the new Director of Student Activities, a search for a new Boise Area Director has been opened and will be filled and announced at a later date. Mr. Walker will work closely with current Athletic Director Mr. Jon Ruzicka until Mr. Ruzicka retires in the fall of 2023. 

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