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Community-University Empowerment
receives donation to support new mini-grant cycle

A donation from Sun Hing Foods, will fund new works focused on social justice issues in the Latina/o community.

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Love Boat: Taiwan
film project wins Institute's CUE mini-grant award

Valerie Soe (Associate Professor,
Asian-American Studies) won the 2016-17 CUE grant competition for her new film on Taiwanese-Americans reconnecting with their country of origin.

A Day Without Immigrants March - "giant puppet" art project receives CUE mini-grant award

Carlos Barón (Professor, Latina/o Studies & Theatre Arts) was awarded a CUE grant for his project combining plastic arts and community activism.


Sun Hing Foods, Inc. funds new CUE mini-grants
Donation earmarked for future awards focusing on Latina/o issues

The College of Ethnic Studies and the Institute were honored to receive a generous donation from Sung Hing Foods in support of the Community-University Empowerment fund. 

Sun Hing Foods, Inc., is a proud supporter of SF State's College of Ethnic Studies and César E. Chávez Institute. Sun Hing Foods supports Community-University Empowerment projects that have a positive impact in Hispanic/Latino communities as well as educational programing aimed at preventing youth violence and suicide.
Sun Hing Foods is a wholesaler and distributor of ethnic food products for Asian, West Indian and Hispanic communities and non-GMO products in the United States and Canada. Sun Hing Foods strives to provide quality services and support to the growth and  cultural preservation of the communities it serves."
Sun Hing Foods' donation of $50,000 represents the largest corporate donation to support innovative, socially engaged projects in the College of Ethnic Studies and the César Chávez Institute. Our heart-felt thanks to Sun Hing Foods for their generous support!
CUE grant awardee - Love Boat: Taiwan  taiwan  
CoES Filmmaker looks at a little-known program that sought to bring Taiwanese-Americans together, to connect to their roots and to each other

Love Boat: Taiwan, a feature-length documentar
y, looks into of one of the longest running summer programs in the world. Currently under production under the direction of CoES faculty member Valerie Soe, Love Boat: Taiwan visits past participants and explores the history and popularity of this well-known program, which is sponsored by the Taiwanese government and which takes place every summer in Taiwan.

Despite its high-minded aspirations that include classes in Mandarin-language study, martial arts, and brush painting, the program's popularity stems from another source: its reputation as an excellent place for college-aged Taiwanese Americans and other overseas Chinese to hook up and find romance. And although it does not take on a ship but rather in a conference center in Taipei, the program is more commonly known by its romantic nickname - the Taiwan Love Boat.   
The film examines the personal motivations of attendees and their families from the U.S., Taiwan and around the world, the perspectives of Taiwanese government officials, program staff, and faculty, and the cultural and historical significance of the program both inside and outside Taiwan. Although officially described as a straightforward cultural and language-immersion program, the Love Boat is also a means of promoting international relations between Taiwan and Taiwanese Americans as well as a site for romance, friendship, and personal relationships that transcend national borders, governmental policy, and cultural traditions. By exploring some of the Love Boat's significant relationships, Love Boat: Taiwan explores the ways in which the Love Boat gives its participants a taste of global politics on an intimate scale. (See some articles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The CUE grant will support film editing costs in the coming year. We look forward to screening the film on campus as soon as it's released. 
puppetsCUE grant awardee - A Giant Puppets Project rtp 
SF State professor combines art and activism for "Day Without Immigrants"

This semester, Community-University Empowerment was pleased to support an SF State contingent in the Day Without Immigrants march.   

Professor Emeritus Carlos Barón (Theatre Arts and Latina/o Studies) brought together artists, choreographers, musicians and students in a wonderful collaboration centered around two huge
papier-mâché puppets for the boisterous but family-friendly May Day event: The first puppet, a Lady Liberty pointedly marked for deportation; the second, a Latina farm worker morphed into a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. The main goal of the group effort was to visually call attention to concerns on the issue of immigration - a peaceful response to the increasing attacks that immigrants of all nationalities are experiencing.

A number of Barón's students volunteered to work closely with local artist Colette Crutcher, learning how to design and craft delicate but portable puppets which will continue to be used for future community mobilizations. Barón believes these creative connections between the campus and the community are a great teaching tool - with many of his past students telling him years later how much they appreciated participating in them - and meaningful for younger people in the community who see the productions and come to view the college students as role models.

Having taught Community Organizing for some years, Barón happily sees again and again how the work that  students undertake in community settings, especially participating in creative events such as this one, leaves an enormous, positive impact in their lives. "The students thrive on the outside! At first, they are shy and uncertain. Later on in the process, as they step outside of their comfort zones, they usually begin to find their voices."

The rally contingent was a organized in collaboration with Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Dance Mission, Latinzone Productions, and May First Coalition.

Support the Community-University Empowerment grants. Donate on line now, or contact the Institute to discuss how you can participate or contribute. With your support, we can grow the number of collaborative projects that have an impact on our communities of color and increase the number of students who gain invaluable experience on their path to becoming change agents in the service of our communities. 
Hasta luego and best of luck to our graduating Research Assistant

Our much-loved
Michelle Parra graduated with honors this May from SF State's Master's program in Sociology and Sexuality Studies, and will be starting her doctoral work at UC Santa Cruz this September.

We've enjoyed her warm presence at CCI over the last two years and benefited from her intelligence and hard work. We hope Michelle will collaborate with us next year as real-world professional, so for now it's not good-bye, only
¡hasta pronto!


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