Bolivia 2016 Mission Trip Report
During the summer of  2016, CMANA sent two  Mission Trips to Bolivia , with the Grace of God and the support of more than  50 health care  medical professionals and students: more than 900 patients were examined and treated: 
  • Surgery team: Examined and treated more than 100 patients and performed 6 major surgeries including Gynecology cases

  • Medicine team: Examined and treated more than 400 patients

  • Pharmacy team dispensed more than 200 prescriptions

  • Spiritual team served: Prison ministry for both men & women, homeless shelter, 2 day care places, served in 5 different villages

  • Donated medical supplies to the Local hospital worth $4,000

"Getting to join this mission trip was by no means a matter of chance, but rather, a blessed opportunity from God. Every single minute in Bolivia, I felt God’s presence and His mighty hand working with us." Christina Besada,Pre Med Student 

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Share the blessing of this amazing opportunity to serve our sisters and brothers in  EGYPT  by your  financial support  for our next mission trip to Egypt in November.

We appreciate your support throughout the past years
May The Lord reward you abundantly.  


CMANA Support Team