Supporting Energy Infrastructure in the Three Seas Region
This month, DFC announced a $300 million commitment to the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund to advance critical energy security and diversification initiatives in Eastern Europe.

Announced at the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Latvia, DFC’s investment is supporting values-based, high-standard investments that will facilitate inclusive economic growth and development throughout the region. The announcement was one of several made during CEO Scott Nathan's travel to Latvia and Georgia as the leader of the U.S. delegation.
Tackling Global Development Needs
DFC and its Board of Directors approved $1.4 billion in investment toward 34 projects promoting climate resilience, financial inclusion, housing access, and more across the developing world.
Supporting Displaced Ukrainian Businesses
DFC and Gazelle Finance announced that they are supporting business continuity and expansion for war-affected Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses in Georgia.
Providing Hospital Care to Ukrainian Refugees in Georgia
DFC and American Hospital Tbilisi announced a new technical assistance grant to provide critical health services, including outpatient and surgical care, to displaced Ukrainians residing in Georgia.
Fostering Economic Growth Across the Western Hemisphere
At the 9th Annual Summit of the Americas, DFC announced $100 million in financing across five projects advancing development in the region as well as efforts with Mastercard to enhance financial inclusion.
Expanding Diagnostic Care for Brazilian Women
DFC is helping Femme expand its chain of women’s health diagnostic centers throughout Brazil, ensuring low-income women across the country have access to routine healthcare.
Addressing Sierra Leone’s Energy Grid Gaps
DFC financing is supporting the development of a new thermal power plant, which will expand access to reliable power for thousands of homes, businesses, and hospitals.
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