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We hope you are all staying safe. This week was a busy news week here in the Bolts office. Here's a snapshot with more details below!!

  • We have streamlined our communication plan so club emails are sent on Tuesdays with messages and information and we will continue with the Friday Bolts Insider newsletters. We are trying to be sensitive to all the information you are sifting through during quarantine as well as home schooling, working from home, etc. This week we enacted that plan but two big news stories interrupted it mid-week.

  • In case you missed this, please read below about the USL2 announcement as well as the one about US Soccer discontinuing the Development Academy. You may hear rumors or stories about future plans, but please know that the Bolts will be transparent and forthcoming with information, future plans and how it impacts you, but most importantly, we will always consider our players and families best interests.

  • There was an email sent earlier this week to NEP families about Ainscough Soccer The Foundation e-Book. The link to download that resource is below as well as some other club stories, contests, activities and information to help you through the week!!

  • We launched a new official Bolts You Tube Channel and need you to subscribe

  • East Region Director, Don Whitaker continues to send out activities for NEP players in his region and we recommend them for any Bolts players

and in the " Everyone Needs to Hear Some Good News " category

  • Bolts U19 ECNL player Ben Hitt and his family are doing some great work for COVID patients in MA & RI

Check out all the stories below and remember to reach out anytime . Share your story. Follow us on Social Media (all the links to our channels are at the bottom of this email) because we post updates there as well.
We are all in this together.
Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!
Bolts East Region Activities

These activities were sent by Don Whitaker, Bolts East Region Director, but any player can participate!
Skill Work
  • Continue with 100 At home drills video - CLICK HERE
  • If you want something different then I am also pasting the link for Tampa Bay United individual home skills program which is broken up by age range from U8-U19 for all of our players. There are different videos based on your age to follow the program. I hope you find this valuable - CLICK HERE 
Game Analysis  
  • Watch the Liverpool vs AC Milan 2005 Champions League Final YouTube Link If you have never seen this game it is amazing. 
  • Identify what AC Milan did differently from the 1st half to the 2nd half and what you believe they should have done differently in the 2nd half. 
  • Try to identify the tactical changes Liverpool made in the 2nd half to complete arguably the greatest comeback in Champions League Final history. 
  • In the first half, think about the position you play and watch the players in those positions. Can you identify anything they do that you can incorporate into your game when we are playing? Can you identify anything you do similar to the players in this game? 
  • Can you identify any specific styles of play that a coach (past or present) has tried to instill in your teams you have played on?
  • ****None of these need to be typed up and submitted but I hope you will watch this game a bit differently than you may have watched games in the past to help in your overall development as a player. If you want to type them up please feel free to do so and submit to your coach, but it is not required.
THE FOUNDATION E-Book Training Guide
On behalf of the Bolts we want to provide you with the Soccer Foundation E-book on YouTube using this link   that is made up of an extensive series of skills training sessions. 

Without the direction of a coach you can train at your own pace and sharpen your skills based on game specific situations. This book has been put together by Alex Ainscough. Alex returned from playing professionally in Germany and spent endless hours putting this together. To find out more about Alex and what he does go to

We hope that this E-book helps you to stay active and keeps your skills sharp.
Don't we all Need to Hear Some Good News? Bolts Player & family helps COVID patients in MA and RI
Ben Hitt from the 02/01 ECNL team (former Bolts East Region player) and his mother, Dr. Rachel Hitt have been collecting used iPads and devices to give to people hospitalized with Covid-19 who have no way to get in touch with their loved ones. 

From Channel 7-WHDH News on April 14th
As coronavirus patients fight for their life in intensive care, they can’t bring smartphones or tablets with them to connect with family — and sometimes they die without any goodbyes.
“When I heard the news that these COVID patients were unable to say goodbye, or even talk when they were in the hospital, I felt for them,” said Boston-area Dr. Rachel Hitt. "And I said ‘Oh, I could do something about this, I could fix this.'"
So Hitt and a friend are working to collect iPads and other devices, and they’ve been stunned by the donations she’s received.

“[It’s] absolutely amazing, the generosity … strangers, most of these people who are donating to us are strangers,” Hitt said.
So far, more than 80 devices have been collected and donated devices are now in hospitals in Greater Boston and Rhode Island.
“Oftentimes a family wants to say goodbye to the patients and if they could see them, then we could use this phone,” Hitt said. “It’s a nice way for them to connect and close the loop and be able to say things that they might not ever be able to say again.”
If you’d like to donate your smartphone or tablet to hospital patients, please contact .

More on this Story: From Ben's Dad, John Hitt on April 17th...." It’s all been word of mouth, but it is helping with a critical need for Covid patients (who are often separated from any way to communicate with families and loved ones). We’ve now placed 100+ devices at hospitals in the Greater Boston area and Rhode Island. Donations are coming in from all over the place. The donations are greatly appreciated by the hospitals and families. Ben and his brother have been driving around the Boston area picking up devices. They then clean them and drop them at the ER’s and ICUs that need them. Hand-offs to nurses in hospital parking lots….

The Channel 7 story has now lead to Fox News (local and national) preparing to do a story about it. Ben’s Mom was interviewed today, and Ben and his brother are being interviewed by Fox TODAY! We are told the story will run sometime next week. Last night the BBC called to do an interview so they can try to replicate the program in England.
Bolts Official YouTube Channel

Click HERE to subscribe. Once we have 100 subscribers our Channel will be "official" so please SUBSCRIBE!! We are getting closer to our goal and hope to continue to get you to subscribe.
There are a few other Bolts channels out there with videos, but we wanted to consolidate them all into one place so players, families, coaches, can have access.
We have team playlists with recent game videos; instructional skills videos to challenge younger players; and even some fun content created by our staff & membership.
Positive Coach Alliance FREE Course for Student Athletes

Below is a link and course description for a program being offered for FREE through April 30th from the Positive Coaching Alliance. This is a 60 minute online course that we recommend for all Bolts athletes.  You can register directly through the link.

Course Description :

PCA 60-minute course will be offered for FREE for a limited time until April 30th.
Positive Coaching Alliance’s online Triple-Impact Competitor course includes Doc Rivers, Julie Foudy, Shane Battier and other top coaches, athletes, and experts teaching student-athletes how to make positive contributions on three levels- Personal Mastery (Improving Oneself), Leadership (Improving Teammates) and Honoring the Game (Improving the Sport). Please note our athlete course is most appropriate for 12 to 18 year olds.
US Soccer Terminates Development Academy
Boston Bolts are confirming the announcement made by US Soccer on April 15 th , that the US Soccer Boys Development Academy has been terminated.

Rumors had been circulating through the soccer community in recent days, and in response, the Northeast Region’s DA clubs have been working together on a unified solution, in anticipation of the recent USSF announcement.
Boston Bolts and our neighboring Northeast Region DA clubs have committed to continuing the highest level of youth soccer development, as a group, and in conjunction with DA clubs from around the nation. 

These decisions should not be rushed or forced. Ultimately, Boston Bolts, in unison with our neighboring DA clubs will make the best decision possible after concluding due diligence on all options. Rest assured that there are a number of solutions at hand. The DA termination will in all likelihood change the soccer landscape in our country. Due to this untimely announcement there may be additional announcements of "New League" formations in the near future, which you may receive from national publications. Boston Bolts will make an official announcement ASAP to our families when we've confirmed the best decision for our club, players and families.

We applaud the communication, effort, and willingness of the neighboring DA clubs to work together, prepare, and provide the best youth developmental environment for the future.
These are unprecedented times, and this recent news does not help. We’re kindly asking for your trust and patience, to make the best decision possible for our club members and youth soccer as a whole.

These decisions should not be rushed or forced. Ultimately, Boston Bolts, in unison with our neighboring DA clubs will make the best decision possible after concluding due diligence on all options. Rest assured that there are a number of solutions at hand. The DA termination will in all likelihood change the soccer landscape in our country. Due to this untimely announcement there may be additional announcements of "New League" formations in the near future, which you may receive from national publications.
USL2 Season Update
Thank you for your patience as we have worked with the league, fellow clubs, our local community, and our stakeholders to understand the implications of this global pandemic and the ramifications on the 2020 season. Ultimately, it is clear we must act in the best interest of everyone involved at the club, including our incoming players, staff, supporters and sponsors.

We had big plans for 2020 after our staff worked very hard over the past months to assemble an excellent group of players, and we were eager to introduce them to you. At this time, however, the health and well being of everyone in our community must come first. We have thus made the difficult decision to withdraw from the 2020 USL League Two Season.

As painful as this decision has been, we strongly believe it is the right decision. Our preparation for the 2021 USL League Two Season begins now.
from NE Soccer Journal 4/15/2020
Why USL League Two Northeast Division clubs canceled their 2020 season
By Jonathan Sigal

The  COVID-19 pandemic  has dealt another blow to New England soccer, with the region’s USL League Two teams announcing Wednesday that they’ll be forgoing their 2020 season.
The decision impacts six Northeast Division clubs in New England – AC Connecticut, Black Rock FC, Boston Bolts , GPS Portland Phoenix, Seacoast United Phantoms and Western Mass Pioneers – and follows the  National Premier Soccer League  cancelling its summer season on March 26.
When talking with directors from various clubs, each cited health concerns and logistical challenges as the virus continues to reshape life far beyond soccer.
“If we tried to put something together and then someone gets sick from a trip, that’s the worst nightmare,” Western Mass Pioneers general manager Greg Kolodziey said. “It’s just not the right move to make, so we had to follow suit with these leagues and shut it down, play it safe.”The vote was made in consultation with the USL2 office and had unanimous support. There was also consideration for a condensed season, but that was met with apprehension, according to Jon Moodey, CEO of Black Rock FC.
The season typically starts in mid-May when teams play two-game weeks, and it runs through championship weekend in early August. Trying to jam the 14-game regular season into less time simply wasn’t feasible.
“Would we be able to assemble the troops and deliver a good product, a good team, a performance that would satisfy our goal and that of the league and players?,” Moodey posed. “Or are we going to come out with a hodge-podge, modified version of soccer that’s not as strong as it can be? I don’t think it’d go well.”

USL2 rosters are often comprised of college players, young academy standouts and graduates looking to stick around a competitive environment. The former category, under a condensed season, would have posed some challenges.
As Boston Bolts coach  Chris Payne  put it, they’d have to be mindful of college preseasons and keeping players fresh so they’re not burned out for the fall. Those same college players also saw their  spring season cancelled .
“Every team wants to put a good product out there, and it’d make us not look in the right away if the roster is short,” Payne said. “It’s putting good players on the field, and if you can’t have the players for the whole season, you’re not doing anyone any justice.”