Dear Bolts Nation:

We hope you are all staying safe.
Governor Baker has announced that students and educators will not be physically together in their classrooms this school year with distance learning continuing until June. We know that while this is the right thing to do, we recognize there is no way that distance learning can replicate what students experience in their daily lives. We continue to quarantine and try new activities to stay busy. Check out former Bolts coach Roy Fink who cleaned his gutters and is feeling BOLTS STRONG!

Next Thursday afternoon we will have a club Zoom call with a very special guest. Details to follow!

Check out all the stories below and remember to reach out anytime . Share your story. Follow us on Social Media (all the links to our channels are at the bottom of this email) because we post updates there as well.

We are all in this together.
Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!
THE FOUNDATION E-Book Training Guide
On behalf of the Bolts we want to provide you with the Soccer Foundation E-book on YouTube using this link   that is made up of an extensive series of skills training sessions. 

Without the direction of a coach you can train at your own pace and sharpen your skills based on game specific situations. This book has been put together by Alex Ainscough. Alex returned from playing professionally in Germany and spent endless hours putting this together. To find out more about Alex and what he does go to

We hope that this E-book helps you to stay active and keeps your skills sharp.
Positive Coach Alliance FREE Course for Student Athletes

Below is a link and course description for a program being offered for FREE through April 30th from the Positive Coaching Alliance. This is a 60 minute online course that we recommend for all Bolts athletes.  You can register directly through the link.

Course Description :
PCA 60-minute course will be offered for FREE for a limited time until April 30th.
Positive Coaching Alliance’s online Triple-Impact Competitor course includes Doc Rivers, Julie Foudy, Shane Battier and other top coaches, athletes, and experts teaching student-athletes how to make positive contributions on three levels- Personal Mastery (Improving Oneself), Leadership (Improving Teammates) and Honoring the Game (Improving the Sport). Please note our athlete course is most appropriate for 12 to 18 year olds.
ECNL UPDATE from the League
To say that youth soccer is in a time of significant change and uncertainty is an understatement. Between the COVID-19 quarantine, leagues ending, leagues beginning, concerns regarding roster formation and player retention, and everything in between, the youth soccer landscape is more active than ever.   

In the middle of this whirlwind, I want to assure you that our league is strong, our leadership is calm, and the foundation of the ECNL - our focus on youth players, coaches and clubs - is unshakable.   

While the priority for us all is to help our country and sport come through this pause in play safely, planning is also underway for our return to play. We are evaluating the optimal structure for the fall and beyond while recognizing that there are many unknowns. The current cascade of press releases, articles, phone calls, and rumor is creating more ambiguity and uncertainty for many as they struggle to see what their landscape looks like in the future, but our vision forward is clear: we remain committed to  Raising the Game  with the best interests of the players first .

Thanks to the fantastic work of our staff and the tremendous commitment and support of our members, our league is poised to whether the unique challenges that all of us face today. When we all return to play, the ECNL will be in a stronger and better position than ever before.

The timeline for when the suspension of the game ends is uncertain, but we are confident in the outcome. We will remain true to the principles that have been the bedrock of the ECNL since its beginning. We will provide the same level of service for our member clubs, our format will remain true to the values that have anchored the leagues for years, and we will be laser-focused on our mission to improve the youth landscape together.  

We will keep you informed as frequently as possible in this process, and we will share information with you that may help in the planning for your club as appropriate.

Thank you for being a part of the ECNL, and thank you for supporting the values and principles of our great league.
Keep your head up. Coaches vary in how many times they look at a player before they know that you are the one for them. Some coaches rely on videos and others want to see a player more than 10 times. On average, coaches want to see a player 3-4x.
Our tip : Coaches want to see consistency over time. Be resilient as there will be ups and downs. How you navigate through this physically, mentally, and emotionally will affect success.
Bolts Partner Updates
Coach Brian Salazar , former Bolts Academy player, has developed a series of YouTube videos of activities for players to do at home. Video #21 is above. Revere FC Bolts held a contest for all Revere Bolts Players for the MDP (Most Dedicated Player) for the first 17 Videos of the series for those who did all the training during Quarantine and these are the winners.
2006 Team
Matheus Pacheco
Dante Salazar
Thomas Navarro

2008 Team
Tavio M
Abel A
Nicolas C

2010 Team
Josep C
Marlon Q
Pedro S
Osiris R
Nathan E
David T
David P

2011 Team
Tom R
Bereket D
Daniel P

2012 Team
Luke M
Mateo A
Lucas S
Alexander F

2013 Team
Anthony C
David R
Mathew M
Each player demonstrated hard work & determination to improve their skills.
St. Michael FC Sand Soccer Tournament
Early Bird Registration Deadline May 16th
Registration fee is $350 per team and full payment must be received by Monday, June 1st for team to be confirmed. Early registration of $300 if paid by Saturday, May 16th. Age groups are set by Spring 2020 season. Shoes are not allowed... Players must play in bare feet or use sand socks. Further tournament rules and details will follow after team registration.  In the event the tournament gets cancelled due to COVID-19, registered teams will receive a guaranteed FULL refund.
If you have any questions, please contact Tournament Director, Justin Medeiros
Phone: (774) 634-1254