Fit Friday Issue #16
Bon Voyage: Healthy Summer Travels
With summer holidays and school breaks around the corner, many of us will be flocking out of the city to getaway with the family or relax and recharge on a solo adventure. You've worked hard all year to keep your fitness goals in check, and with these tips you can keep the momentum going forward this summer!
Follow these tips for healthier, energizing travels!

1. Be sure to plan: Keeping up with fitness and health goals always requires planning. For long vacation or travel days, plan to bring your own healthy, pre-portioned snacks, or eat beforehand! Carrots, celery, broccoli, berries, or raw nuts are all filling snacks that travel well. (Remember to check your airlines rules when it comes to food in carry on bag!)

2. Strategic airport eating: With long travel times, delays, and TSA check ins it can be tough to find time for healthy eating while flying. If possible, try have a healthy sit down meal to center yourself before travel (think salads with dressing on the side, protein bowls, or poached eggs for morning travel). By eating prior to a flight, you'll be less tempted to partake in airplane snacks and meals.

3. Mindful mid-air snacking: In general, it's best to avoid snacking on airplanes, because most times the snacks provided are not healthy or filling. But if you're up in the air for hours, you may have to eat something between meals. Think ahead and pack easy, to-go snacks like whole fruits, raw nuts, dried fruit or dried meats that you can bring in your carry on bag.

4. Boost your immune system: Traveling involves interacting with many different people in closed areas, and on vacation is the last place you want to get sick. Do yourself a favor and take extra care to build up your immunity! Adding zinc & vitamin C supplements to your routine a week before you travel will give you that needed boost of immunity.

5. Hydrate like a pro: Planes, cars, and buses can all be really dry environments, and with the summer heat you will need extra water. During travel it is important to up your water intake by 10%! It may be tempting to have a glass of wine on the flight, but alcohol will dehydrate you even more. Pro tip: bring a reusable water bottle that you can refill in the terminal after you pass through security.

6. Add movement during your day of travel: Traveling can take all day, and it can be exhausting. It's not good for your body to be sitting all day, so try to make an effort to find time for some sort of movement. Do some sprints or jumping jacks when you stop at a rest area, take a speed walking lap around the terminal, or a stretch and breathe through a simple yoga flow during a flight delay.

7. Get off the grid: It is just as important to maintain your mental health during travel, and vacation is the perfect time to unplug. Use the downtime on planes and trains to listen to podcasts in airplane mode, read a book, or meditate. Make a conscious choice to turn off your phone to really spend time with your family or in nature.

8. Don't get tricked by sleep: It's tempting to just sleep through your travel! However, unless you are traveling at night you should remain awake during your normal hours. Traveling can mess with your regular routine as it is, therefore it's extra important to keep your habitual sleeping hours as much a possible.

9. Exercising out of town: There is no doubt about it, trying to get to the gym during vacation can be tough! If you get creative, you may be able to find a local gym with a good day rate or one that offers free day passes for first timers (many larger gyms do this!). Or your hotel may offer a small workout space or some classes. You can just as easily do body weight workouts for just 20 mins in your hotel or living room. A sample exercise guide is below!

10. Plan family activities and excursions around movement: With the warm weather you have endless possibilities for outdoor activities. Hiking, swimming, and evening walks are a great way to maintain your mindset of movement. Even on vacation find opportunities to take a beach walk, increase your steps in a theme park, or try a new activity like kayaking or snorkeling. Try to spend at least 45 mins outside everyday!
Rejuvenating Vacation Workout in 20 Minutes or Less!
Begin with an active stretching sequence to warm up you major muscle groups and increase range of motion. See the sample yoga flow below:

Move into a 12 minute Tabata (20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest, 5 times through)
1. Squat Jacks
2. Burpees
3. Push Ups
4. Mountain Climbers with a twist (opposite knee to elbow)
5. Side Lunge (i.e. lateral squat)

Cool down with a stretch of your choice and deep breathing for the remainder of the time.

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