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Also, please meet Sue Skillins, Certified Nutritional Practitioner at HHC.

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 Leaky Gut Syndrome

 Leaky gut syndrome is a common and growing condition affecting many Canadians. Leaky Gut could be responsible for your food allergies, joint pain, slow metabolism and autoimmune conditions such as thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
 So what is it? Our gut lining is meant to be impermeable. It is a barrier, designed to keep foreign particles out of our blood stream.  This lining is sensitive to damage from a variety of sources, over time.  One of the biggest symptoms of leaky gut is sudden food intolerance or allergy.  Essentially, this means that for reasons relating to faulty digestion, particles such as protein, for example, are not breaking down into recognizable amino acids and due to gut permeability, these unrecognizable proteins are now making their way into your blood stream. Your system, not familiar with the bigger protein molecules is recognizing that this does not belong in your bloodstream, and is mounting an immune response to protect you.  Of course, had the gut not been permeable, or leaky, then your body would not have had this reaction.
  Leaky gut is brought on by poor diet, chronic stress, toxin overload and bacterial imbala nce
 Some symptoms of leaky gut are bloating, food sensitivities, fatigue, digestive problems, brain fog, joint pain and weight gain.  It is believed that by taking certain measures, leaky gut can be reversed, thereby leading to better overall health.

Most practitioners will employ the 4 R's in order to help repair a leaky gut. 
Remove foods and factors that damage the gut (elimination diet, stress reduction and toxin reduction)

Replace with healing foods

R epair with specific supplements
  R e-balance with probiotics  

 Food culprits are often proteins contained in foods with gluten and dairy foods. Toxins are chemicals, such as those found in our drinking water, like chlorine and fluoride. 
 Some of the healing foods for leaky gut are bone broths, fermented vegetables, coconut products, and sprouted seeds.
Some supplements that may help are good quality probiotics, digestive enzymes, L-Glutamine, and Quercitin. 
 Stress reduction techniques such as mild yoga and meditation practices can be helpful in moderating the stress factor associated with leaky gut.       

  If you have any symptoms of leaky gut, check with your healthcare practitioner about applying some of the 4 R's!  


 Here is a simple Bone Broth recipe:   


  So, all that raving about Bubby's chicken soup was for real. This stuff really has magical healing qualities...Bone broth has been used therapeutically for thousands of years!


The HEALTH BENEFITS of Bone Broth:


Heals a leaky gut

Helps your liver detox

Reduces inflammation

Helps joint and muscle pain

Fights infections

Increases mineral consumption

Helps digestion

Smooths skin

Helps repair and grow bones

Promotes good sleep


  Bone broth is a protein source that is already broken down into important amino acids. This is important for people with issues breaking down protein into usable amino acid components. These amino acids, such as glycine, proline and glutamine, help to regenerate cartilage and heal joints and protect the gut lining, just to name a few important functions.   




-Chicken necks and feet (or bones)

-Water to cover

-3-4 tbsp apple cider vinegar (adding ACV to the water helps to bring the minerals out of the bones)

-Sea Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper 

-1 Bay Leave 

-3 garlic cloves

-Vegetables such as onions, carrots and celery  



-Place bones into a large stock pot and cover with water.

-Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to water prior to cooking. This helps to pull out important nutrients from the bones.

Fill stock pot with filtered water.  Leave plenty of room for water to boil.

-Heat slowly. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer for at least six hours.  Remove scum as it arises.

-Cook at low heat. Chicken bones can cook for up to 24 hours. A low and slow cook time is necessary in order to fully extract the nutrients in and around bone.

- After cooking, the broth will cool and a layer of fat will harden on top.  This layer protects the broth beneath.  Discard this layer only when you are about to eat the broth.




Bonnie Wisener, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Shift Nutrition and Wellness
(416) 522-4475


Featured HHC Practitioner

Sue Skillins, C.N.P
Certified Nutritional Practitioner,
Live Cell Microscopist

 Live Cell Microscopy is an assessment tool used to explore the "terrain" of the body with a single drop of blood from a finger prick. In identifying strengths and weaknesses and addressing nutritional deficiencies or excesses that may contribute to dis-ease, it helps to promote optimal health, considering carefully each client's unique needs.

 Susan is also a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner, supporting cancer clients in their process towards optimal health and healing through specific diets and supplementation, and if needed, to minimize the side effects of traditional treatments.


Specializing in:

Live Cell Microscopy

Cancer Support and Treatment

Digestive Issues/IBS/IBD/Crohn's/Colitis

Stress Management, Adrenal/Thyroid Support

Pregnancy/Infant Care


To book an appointment wit Susan please call
HHC Centre at (905) 553-9255





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