February 2017
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The health benefits and harms of marijuana were recently reviewed in depth.

If you or someone you love is considering bariatric (weight-loss) surgery, or has had it, the post-surgery experiences of other patients may be illuminating.
Drug treatment for depression in children and teens is often ineffective, and the harms may be greater than the benefit. (A more detailed, technical summary is also available.)
How effective is green tea or green tea supplementation in preventing heart disease or cancer, or helping with weight loss?
Here are 15 tips for a safe, infection-free hospital stay.
Is "cryotherapy" - whole-body exposure to intense cold - actually therapeutic?
All women capable of becoming pregnant - not only those hoping to conceive - are urged to take a daily supplement of folic acid.
Are you feeling stressed out? Check out the practical resources we recommend in the "Managing Stress" section of our brand-new website.
BoneHealthBone Health Is for Everyone
If you are parenting a child or teen, fostering smart dietary and physical activity choices now can help your youngster develop strong bones that will be less likely to become osteoporotic (porous) as they age.

For adults, the odds of developing osteoporosis depend on a variety of risk factors. Because many are related to lifestyle, we can take steps to keep our bones strong. When feasible, limiting the use of medications that contribute to bone loss will also be helpful.

Osteoporosis affects about 25 percent of women and 6 percent of men over age 65. If you are woman over 65, or a senior man at risk, you may want to ask your doctor whether you should have a bone density test. Testing may be also warranted if you are younger but have one of the following warning signs: loss of more than an inch of height and/or development of a stooped back; a sudden, severe back pain for no apparent reason; or a bone break in adulthood after a minor fall.

Insurance plans and Medicare will often pay for tests ordered by physicians.

Low Back Pain
Diabetes (Types 1 & 2)

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) occasionally compares the effectiveness of different treatments for specific health conditions. Reports for lay persons and health care professionals summarize AHRQ's recent reviews of -
  • non-invasive treatments for low back pain (lay; professional)
  • behavioral programs to help children and adults successfully manage type 1 diabetes (lay; professional
  • behavioral programs to help adults successfully manage type 2 diabetes (lay; professional)
Direct-Acting Antiviral Drugs for Hepatitis C
A number of extremely expensive medications that cause the hepatitis C virus to become undetectable in blood tests are now on the market. If you are infected and seeking treatment with a direct-acting antiviral drug, there are  safety and effectiveness concerns to discuss with your physician.

Infectious Diseases & Adults
A variety of immunizations - not just the flu vaccine - are advised for all adults. Use this online quiz from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) to learn which are recommended for your age and risk factors.

The shingles, influenza, and pneumonia vaccines are especially important immunizations for seniors. Others are also recommended. Medicare Part B and Part D differ in the vaccines they cover.
A Not-So-Little "Thank You!"
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Next year's benefit show will be on the weekend of October 7 and 8. If you're curious, please visit the Showcase of Miniatures website. The dealer gallery has marvelous photos.
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