Take a breath and give yourself a hug. We couldn't be more proud of all your hard work!

For those who have clicked "SUBMIT", there may be a few tasks for you to complete before your application will actually be reviewed. Check each college's portal and click here to make sure your application is complete.

For those still in the thick of it, stay the course.

Keep in contact with your Bright Futures counselor to prioritize your tasks and ensure you're completing your requirements timely. We are here to help!

Priority deadlines for merit scholarships are approaching (hello, TCU November 1)! Missing these could cost your family thousands of dollars, so check out this list of popular school's scholarship deadlines so you don't miss out!
The FAFSA & CSS Profile are open (priority deadlines are as early as December 1). Here is a checklist of documents you'll need in order to apply for need-based financial aid.

Opportunity to interview? The answer is YES! Even if this pushes your comfort zone, we recommend it. Colleges don't expect (nor do they want) every student to be the "peppy outgoing type". Download our college interview prep guide found at the bottom of this article.